Integrated Software Instruments and MIDI Controllers

An infinite palette of keyboard and synth sounds, from much-loved vintage to cutting-edge sound design, instantly accessible in your DAW and seamlessly fused with pre-mapped MIDI controllers for ultimate sonic control and expressivity.

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The Lab range features expressive MIDI controllers and easy-to-use software, combining professional performance and inspiring sound in an instant-access package. Keys that are a joy to play, and the most sought-after synth & keyboard sounds of all time, reborn, enhanced, and streamlined for the perfect musical workflow.

Lab Controllers

From portable keyboards for on-the-go musical sketching to full-range weighted stage piano workhorses, there’s a Lab controller for every application. Performance-ready keys, enhanced expressive controls, and a seamlessly-integrated software bundle to pave the way for whatever musicality you seek.

Lab Software Instruments

The greatest keys & synths ever made, available at the touch of a button in your DAW.

Relive the most iconic instruments of all time, and explore cutting-edge sound design - from the genre-defining to the rarest of studio gems. Faithfully emulated, enhanced, and awaiting your creative customization.

V Collection

Recreated historic synths and legendary keyboards.

A premium suite of professional software instruments ranging from modern hybrid synth engines to emulations of the most evocative instruments ever made, enhanced for today’s production workflow.

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Labthe artists' perspective

We're humbled to see inspiring artists around the world choosing Arturia products. See how world-renowned names from across the musical spectrum use Arturia in their creative process.

Artists corner


Anatomy of the Lab

The technology that sets the Lab range apart, setting the standard for musical hardware and software.

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What’s next? Brute

Raw Analog Synthesizer

Raw, powerful, organic. No matter how we call it, No matter how we define it. You just have to feel it. Exploring the machine, searching for the tactile, electric and vital sound of real analog syntheses. This rare moment, of pure creation just at your fingertips... Welcome to the world of Brute.

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