Raw analog synthesizers

Raw, powerful, organic. No matter how we call it, No matter how we define it. You just have to feel it. Exploring the machine, searching for the tactile, electric and vital sound of real analog synthesis. This rare moment, of pure creation just at your fingertips... Welcome to the world of Brute.

Powerful analog
synthesizers & drum machines

The Brute range encompasses analog synthesizers and machines designed to forge rhythm, melody, and texture out of pure electrical voltage. Explore coveted analog sound with cutting-edge and experimental functions for wild and inspiring sonic results.


100% Analog power

These instruments create sound by controlling and manipulating electricity. The Brute range lets you shape electricity into audio signals, with every component adding its own flavor to the tone.


Brute factors

Every one of these synthesizers has unique features that make them truly irreplaceable: Steiner-Parker filters, master bus distortion, Brute Factor feedback, and rewirable architecture.


Hands-on workflow

No drop-down menus, no hidden options, these instruments are all about the tactile, instinctive experience of playing; letting the signal go straight from your brain to the speaker.

The exploration of sound matter

Harnessing the raw, powerful, organic nature of analog synthesis, the Brute range is the sound of voltage unleashed. From semi-modular keyboards, to Eurorack cases, to pumping analog drum machines, this is the exploration of sonic matter itself. Seismic bass, airy leads, and chewy sawtooth pads galvanized with heaps of electrifying character.

your Brute

From monophonic sinewave purity to wildly expressive multidimensional polyphony, find any flavor of analog with the Brutes.

Where the
story starts

Fast forward to 2011, and digital was dominating. Software instruments were all the rage, and every popular hardware synth was digital in nature.

[...] when, at NAMM 2012, Arturia announced their first analog keyboard, the MiniBrute, armed with great sound and a price less than half that of its competition. Arturia had the foresight to recognize and inspire a coming trend: the re-emergence and eventual dominance of analog synthesis. Their timing couldn’t have been better.

Geary Yelton, Founding Editor at Synth and Software

  • JANVIER 2012


    Our first step into the world of analog synthesis. MiniBrute was a desktop synth with hands-on controls, a slick keyboard & arpeggiator-based workflow, and an unmistakably raw sound. The aggression of the Brute factor, the sharpness of the metallizer, the warmth of the multi-mode Steiner-Parker filter - MiniBrute raised the bar for all-in-one analog synths, with an accessible price tag to boot.

  • OCTOBER 2013


    The pure power of the Brute anatomy, streamlined into a portable form-factor. Pumping sawtooth basslines, searing-hot leads, and semi-modular architecture - despite its compact size, MicroBrute packs a colossal punch. Perfect for musicians and producers on the go who don’t want to compromise on fat analog sound, this tactile little beast is as playful as it is lethal.

  • JANUARY 2016


    The flexibility of modular, the immediacy of a function-per-knob design, the familiarity of saving and recalling presets - and the unmistakably seismic Brute sound. MatrixBrute is a true analog force to be reckoned with. This all-encompassing monster monosynth combines the best of old and new, with multiple filters, LFOs, built-in effects, and the stunning mod matrix at the heart of it. The stuff of analog dreams.

  • OCTOBER 2017


    The unmistakable pop and punch of raw voltage percussion - classic analog beats with the Brute Factor. DrumBrute’s slick interface is just as comfortable in a live performance setting as it is in the studio, with 17 fully analog percussion sounds and a 64-step sequencer designed for real-time manipulation. Ultimate rhythmic fatness at your fingertips.

  • SEPTEMBER 2018

    DrumBrute Impact

    Featuring tweakable analog drum sounds, a built-in distortion circuit, and performance-ready polymetric sequencing, DrumBrute Impact evolved the Brute rhythm formula. Its compact form factor, interactive layout, and gnarly sonic character was designed to put rhythmic attitude and analog carnage at the tips of your fingers.

  • SEPTEMBER 2020


    Fusing the raw power of Brute oscillators with digital Matrix precision, the innovative three-dimensional Morphée performance touchpad, and pristine stereo effects, PolyBrute represented a new era of polyphony. A 6-voice, 61-key expressive Brute powerhouse designed to explore sound in perpetual motion.


  • Gearnews

    On PolyBrute 12 Voices

    “The immediacy, the connection and the performance make this, in my very humble opinion, one of the greatest polyphonic analogue synthesizers of all time.”

  • Noisegate

    On MiniBrute 2

    “There’s a lot of fun and flexibility to be had here and sound wise there’s some very nice sweet spots. It’s a synth that absolutely rewards tinkering and experimenting.”

  • Resident Advisor

    On MiniBrute 2S

    “Minibrute 2S sounds good—though the synth's architecture is simple, there's a lot you can do with all that sequencing muscle.”

  • 429Records

    On DrumBrute

    “Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine puts classic analog drum sounds in your hands. It then goes even further, to give you the tools to play around with these sounds, creating just about any style or pattern you can think of.”

  • Tape Op

    On MiniBrute 2

    “In conclusion, if you’re looking to get started with analog synthesis, all of the Brutes are great entry level synths in terms of price, but also deliver serious sonics and flexibility well beyond what you’d expect from an entry level unit. These would make a great addition to an existing system like Thom’s studio or, if you’re just starting out like Geoff, are not likely going to be something you’ll want to replace as you get deeper with synths. At every price point Arturia is delivering gear that exceeds expectations.”

  • Audio Fanzine

    On DrumBrute Impact

    “With its very competitive price, DrumBrute Impact is positioned as a very affordable composition and performance tool to start or complement ones analog stage or studio setup. We award him a 2018 'Value for Money' Award”

  • Audio Technology

    On DrumBrute Impact

    “I’m certain the machine will be a runaway success, simply because of the kick and the distortion effect. Then the FM Drum adds a world of versatility to the device again. Go have a listen, absorb a slight incursion on the credit card and grab what will outrun the original DrumBrute as a true classic.”

  • Electronic Musician

    On DrumBrute

    “With its 17 rich, fully analog per-cussion sounds, the DrumBrute has all the poten-tial of a future classic of the stage and studio.”

  • Future Music

    On MatrixBrute

    “Arturia have really made something special here. Future classic? Absolutely!”

  • Sound On Sound

    On MatrixBrute

    “MatrixBrute is a powerful synthesizer and, once you get to grips with it, its flexibility is astounding.”

  • Sound Recording

    On MiniBrute

    “I used the MiniBrute live with Denki Groove. The big, fat, powerful sound coming from this real analog beast filled the Yokohama arena extremely well. The chassis is solid and makes the MiniBrute ideal on stage.”

  • Future Music

    On MiniBrute

    “For more than 40 years, ‘the Mini’ referred unambiguously to a single synthesizer, and it wasn’t French. The fact that this may no longer be true suggests that Arturia are on the way to achieving something quite extraordinary.”

  • Ask Audio

    On MiniBrute SE

    “This baby/beast has full USB/MIDI/ CV connectivity which make this a killer synth for the analog purist.”

  • Ask Audio

    On MicroBrute

    “the MicroBrute is designed to provide all the essential elements of an analog classic synth in a convenient and fun to use package.”

  • Electronic Musician

    On MicroBrute SE

    “The result is a ton of analog goodness from a lightweight synth that won’t empty your bank account.”

  • Keyboard Magazine

    On MiniBrute SE

    “With its retro look, the MiniBrute SE adds an old-school step sequencer to a highly portable and powerful monosynth.”

  • Sound On Sound

    On MicroBrute

    “The MicroBrute is a pure analogue synth, and it sounds like one. The MicroBrute will become a significant success in its own right.”

  • Audio Technology

    On Origin Desktop

    “The Origin has an unashamedly large, lush sound and quite unlike what you'd expect from software synths - and rightly so as this isn't a software synth. This is dedicated DSP, designed strictly for the creation of huge analogue-sounding synth patches. All the usual adjectives spring to mind: syrupy, smooth, fat, etc. In short, it sounds quite amazing, with a lot fo the "hybrid" patches screaming "Oberheim®" to me. Plus, it really has a very hands-on synthesis engine thrown into the bargain- easy to program and edit, and lots of fun to use.”

  • Music Radar

    On Origin Desktop

    “It's with great pleasure that I can tell you that the Origin sounds amazing and well worth the effort that Arturia has put into programming it. It's everything you would expect and more and should keep you occupied for many years.”

  • Pro Sound

    On PolyBrute

    “It's no coincidence that the manufacturer says that PolyBrute is made by musicians for musicians!”

  • Audio Fanzine

    On PolyBrute

    “The PolyBrute is an impressive, original and endearing instrument that will take pride of place in the most demanding studios.”

  • MusicTech

    On PolyBrute

    “The PolyBrute is a hugely enjoyable and characterful synth, with some exceptionally interesting facilities that make it stand out from the crowd”

  • Future Music

    On DrumBrute Impact

    “PLATINIUM AWARD The original DrumBrute was a very solid all-round drum synth paired with an excellent sequencer, at a price that made it very tempting. The Impact doubles down on all of this. (...) It is an inspiring and enticing drum machine at a very good price. ”

  • ISPMúsica

    On DrumBrute Impact

    “New sounds, simple tools, powerful analog character and very broad connectivity.”

  • Music Radar

    On MiniBrute 2

    “On the whole, the MiniBrute 2S is a real success. It takes everything we liked about the original - the analog grit, interesting oscillator shaping, Brute factor - and expands on it considerably. The addition of the patchbay really does massively expand the flexibility and potential. The MiniBrute 2S is an impressive analogue synth and a real step up from its predecessor. The patchbay adds flexibility and character that make this a very serious competitor in the now crowded analogue monosynth market.”

the artists' perspective

Arturia has always had a string connection to artists, so we've decided to show what foes on behind the scenes. Check what world renown musicians and producers have to say about their favorite Arturia products and how they use them.


Anatomy of the Brute

The technology that sets the Brute range apart, setting the standard for analog music making.

  • Brute oscillator : An original analog oscillator that combines multiple waveforms, complex wavefolding, and built-in Brute Factor feedback for intense feedback.

  • Steiner-parker filter : A legendary multimode filter introduced in the \'70s, remade and enhanced, and approved by Nyle Steiner himself. Crunchy, biting, velvety smooth, and everything in between.

  • Patching : The Brutes possess the ability to rewire and reroute your audio signal and voltages, from semi-modular CV connectivity to the intricate Modulation Matrix.

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