Powerful analog synthesizers & drum machines

The Brute range encompasses analog synthesizers and machines designed to forge rhythm, melody, and texture out of pure electrical voltage. Explore coveted analog sound with cutting-edge and experimental functions for wild and inspiring sonic results.

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The exploration of sound matter

Harnessing the raw, powerful, organic nature of analog synthesis, the Brute range is the sound of voltage unleashed. From semi-modular keyboards, to Eurorack cases, to pumping analog drum machines, this is the exploration of sonic matter itself. Seismic bass, airy leads, and chewy sawtooth pads galvanized with heaps of electrifying character.

Choose your Brute

From monophonic sinewave purity to wildly expressive multidimensional polyphony, find any flavor of analog with the Brutes.

Where the story starts

Fast forward to 2011, and digital was dominating. Software instruments were all the rage, and every popular hardware synth was digital in nature.

[...] when, at NAMM 2012, Arturia announced their first analog keyboard, the MiniBrute, armed with great sound and a price less than half that of its competition. Arturia had the foresight to recognize and inspire a coming trend: the re-emergence and eventual dominance of analog synthesis. Their timing couldn’t have been better.

Geary Yelton, Founding Editor at Synth and Software

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Brute the artists' perspective

Arturia has always had a string connection to artists, so we've decided to show what foes on behind the scenes. Check what world renown musicians and producers have to say about their favorite Arturia products and how they use them.

Artists corner


Anatomy of the Brute

The technology that sets the Brute range apart, setting the standard for analog music making.

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