PolyBrute Noir Edition

Stealth morphing polysynth

Introducing the limited-edition PolyBrute Noir. Rediscover the morphing analog powerhouse with a fresh Noir finish, sleek redesigned knobs, and ionized parts, culminating in a deeper, darker aesthetic straight from the abyss.

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from the abyss

A 6-voice analog synthesizer that treads new ground between sonic universes, reimagined with black-hole aesthetics. Morph seamlessly between sounds within sounds, discover unparalleled multi-axis expression, and push analog timbres deeper into uncharted darkness. The elusive and mysterious PolyBrute Noir has awakened - dare you step into the darkness?

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filters polybrute

Your expressive
dark horse

Create dramatic sonic shifts with a single movement, explore infinite sweet spots between two sonic states, and enjoy new levels of instrument control and musicality that feels like an extension of yourself.


PolyBrute Noir’s presets exist in two simultaneous states, and the Morph control lets you sweep effortlessly between them. Adjust numerous parameters at once for huge variety within a single preset.

The Morphée controller

An X-Y-Z controller that combines pressure with position for unique multi-axis control over your sound. Assign it to preset morphing, voice controls, sequencing randomization - the choice is yours.

The Ribbon controller

A resurrected synthesizer staple, modernized and positioned conveniently above PolyBrute Noir’s keybed. Assign it to your chosen modulation destination and glide effortlessly across your sonic spectrum.

The Keyboard

Coupled with a premium velocity/pressure-sensitive keybed, pitch wheel and assignable mod wheel, and foot pedal controller inputs, PolyBrute Noir is a synthesizer that you won’t want to take your hands off.

Sound shaping

PolyBrute Noir’s voice is a collision between signature Brute oscillators and dual analog filters for sounds that quickly move between the light and the dark, the familiar and the otherworldly.

filters polybrute

The oscillators

Start your voice right with two powerful Brute analog VCOs that generate sawtooth, triangle, and square waves simultaneously, with jagged Metalizer wavefolding, cavernous sub-oscillator, and cross-mod & sync controls right at your fingertips.

filters polybrute

The filters

Add color and shape to your timbres with two classic filter designs, configurable in series, parallel, or continuously variable. The first, a Steiner 12db/octave filter with continuous slope type, enhanced with signature Brute Factor feedback; the second, the legendary 24db/octave Ladder filter for that essential low-pass smoothness, supercharged with biting distortion.


Mars Geology

Simon Galifet

A simple and straight techno track. Everything but the kick is coming from the PolyBrute. Based on the “Pulsar” preset with some SFX presets like “FX Hoover” and “Massacre”.


Simon Galifet

A bewitching melodic track showing the spatial and ambient side of the instrument. A multitude of sounds, including “13 VCOs”, a pad sound “First Snowfall”, and 2 Sequences: “Floating points” and “Granular Freelance”. Everything but the percussion is made on PolyBrute.


Michael Geyre

A funky jazz track based on the "Wurlinet" preset, which uses morphing to transform a "Wurlitzer" style electric piano sound into a clavinet! The drum parts were also created entirely on the PolyBrute.


Michael Geyre

A trip into orbit using 9 Polybrute instances. Based on a string ensemble sound (Solistrings), a sequence (Spovtnik), and a lead sound (Mini Lead).

Lost In Space


An ambient track created on one of the early Polybrute prototypes in summer 2019. It is made up of 6 different sounds played successively live in audio on a DAW. The sounds on this track use no external effects or additional synthesis sources - it’s all PolyBrute.

Poly Synergy

Lily Jordy

This minor melodic tune is made of 9 Polybrute presets sounds from Lily’s bank, and a conga loop for a richer percussion section. All effects are internal to the PolyBrute: no external plugins were used except Ableton Live 10’s compressors.

Between Ice And Fire

Euan Dickinson

A track typically in the spirit of Massive Attack using 6 instances of PolyBrute to demonstrate the full extent of its power and rich sound.


Boele Gerkes

A dreamy ambient track reminiscent of the deep atmospheres of old-school Berlin music. This track is based on 4 PolyBrute instances demonstrating the extensive possibilities of morphing, most notably with the "PPG 4.0" preset.


Cubic Spline

A dark progressive psytrance composition, with a triple-layer pad doing the heavy lifting on the atmosphere front. It uses 10 instances of the PolyBrute, with the kick and drums coming from my personal samples.


Florian Marin

PolyFlutes A mysterious, chillout ambient track with the duophonic aftertouch in the spotlight, made using only the Polybrute 2.0 Factory presets. No external FX were used in this demo.

Hold The Line

JM Blanchet

Hold The Line Melodic dreamy funky track reminding the 80s ambiences. All the synth parts and melodies come from PolyBrute, with the use of external Live drum samples.

A Matrix of modulation
- and more…

Create your own unique web of modulators and dive deeper into your sound design than ever before; tap into hundreds of exclusive presets that push PolyBrute Noir’s architecture to the brink; enjoy a visual overview of your sequences and arps in real-time; the Matrix is where PolyBrute Noir’s analog reactivity and digital precision collide.

1 Presets

Instant access to hundreds presets slots, including exclusive patches from the greatest sound designers in the world. No menus, no waiting - just like everything else on PolyBrute Noir.

2 Sequencer

A tactile visual interface with everything you need to create dynamic polyphonic sequences, arpeggios, parameter motion recording and more.

3 Mods

A 96-point digital patchbay with up to 32 destinations. Easily route any of your modulation sources, including PolyBrute Noir’s three envelope generators, three LFOs, and numerous expressive controllers, and influence dozens of PolyBrute’s parameters at once.

4 Morph

Adjust the modulation sources and destinations for the A and B states within a preset to deepen your morphing contrast and color.






Rev up PolyBrute Noir’s engines and enjoy musical momentum that’ll bring your ideas to life with performance-friendly sequencing, flexible motion recording, and game-changing arpeggiation.

filters polybrute

32-Step Arpeggiator

An inspiring multi-mode arpeggiator that lets you spontaneously create ideas, randomize them, or freeze them into sequences to preserve the musical magic of the moment.

filters polybrute

64-Step Polyphonic Sequencer

Use either real-time or step input to record up to 64 steps, each with 6-voice polyphony, and tap in everything from overdubs to accents to slides per step, complete with Matrix-powered editing and sequence management.

Motion Recorder

As if there aren’t enough ways to animate your PolyBrute patches, the Motion Recorder instantly captures your movement of almost any knob or controller - and then automatically plays that motion back with every triggered note.

Matrix Arpeggiator

Discover a unique fusion of arpeggiation and sequencing and craft melodies and ostinatos intelligently and intuitively. Map which held notes will play per step, with mutes, octave transpose, slides, and even modulation tracks.

Color, texture,
& shape

PolyBrute Noir incorporates built-in professional-grade digital effects into every patch, with parameters that can be modulated to no end - rounding off an all-encompassing palette worthy of any stage, studio, or soundtrack.

With 3 FX slots - Modulation, Delay, and Reverb - dial in algorithms from the criticality-acclaimed FX Collection, from lush Chorus to crunchy BBD delay, dreamy shimmering reverb to crumbling BitCrusher, all in full stereo.


  • Flanger
  • Phaser 12p
  • RingMod
  • BitCrusher
  • Soft Flanger
  • Phase Flanger
  • DownSampler


  • Stereo Delay
  • Long Delay
  • BBD PingPong
  • Karplus
  • Stereo Spread
  • Parallel
  • BBD Spread


  • Bright Plate
  • Room
  • Dreamy
  • Spring
  • Delayed Plate


  • Presence
  • Low Boost
  • High Boost
  • Hi-Fi Loudness
  • Mud Remover
  • Low Cut
  • High Cut


  • Subtle Tape
  • Classic Distortion
  • Soft Clip
  • Worn Out Tape
  • Germanium
  • BitCrusher
  • DownSample


Combining the tactility of analog hardware with the convenience of virtual instrument flexibility, PolyBrute Noir’s entire front panel, replicated as a standalone Mac/PC app and a plugin for all major DAWs.

  • Control in real-time

    Every parameter change, either on synth or software, is mirrored by the other, letting you automate PolyBrute Noir in your DAW, tweak sounds, and much more.

  • Craft sound

    Explore the depths of PolyBrute Noir’s advanced features and craft powerful sounds from your computer with a like-for-like virtual interface.

  • Manage your patches

    Organize your favorite sounds, enjoy bi-directional editing between software and hardware, and easily import new presets & sound banks.

A closer

Explore PolyBrute Noir’s interface in detail, including its unique voice controls, its advanced Modulation Matrix, and its array of evolved expression tools.


  • Pro Sound

    On PolyBrute

    “It's no coincidence that the manufacturer says that PolyBrute is made by musicians for musicians!”

  • Audio Fanzine

    On PolyBrute

    “The PolyBrute is an impressive, original and endearing instrument that will take pride of place in the most demanding studios.”

  • MusicTech

    On PolyBrute

    “The PolyBrute is a hugely enjoyable and characterful synth, with some exceptionally interesting facilities that make it stand out from the crowd”



Main Features

Analog Morphing Synthesizer

  • 6 voices of Polyphony
  • Mono, Unison, Poly voicing
  • Single, Split, Layer modes

61-keys with Velocity and Aftertouch

Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel, Ribbon controllers

Morphée touch and pressure sensitive 3D controller

Sound Morphing capability, part A and B for each preset

Two Analog VCO's

  • Saw
  • Triangle + Metalizer
  • Square + Pulse Width
  • Sub
  • Linear FM
  • Hard Sync

Noise Generator

  • Continuous tone from rumble noise to white noise

Osc and Noise Mixer with Filter routing

12dB/Oct Steiner Parker Filter

  • Continuous LP>Notch>HP>BP morphing
  • Cutoff, Resonance, Brute Factor

24dB/Oct Ladder Filter with Distortion

Three Envelopes

  • Looping capability

Three LFOs

  • LFO1 and LFO2 with waveform selection
  • LFO3 with waveform shaping using Shape and Symmetry
  • Rate control & Tempo Sync
  • Various retrig options

Three stereo digital effects

  • Modulation FX : Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Ring Modulation
  • Delay : 9 algorithms including BBD, Digital delay
  • Reverb : 9 algorithms including Hall, Plate, Spring, Shimmer

768 preset slots

12x32 Modulation Matrix

64 step polyphonic sequencer

  • Notes, Accent, Slide per step
  • 3 tracks of automation

Arpeggiator and Matrix Arpeggiator

Stereo audio output

MIDI and USB i/o + analog clock i/o

2 expression and 1 sustain pedal inputs

Box contents

  • PolyBrute unit
  • Power cable

Size & weight

  • Instrument size : 38.3 x 14.9 x 4.4 inches (972 x 378 x 110mm)
  • Instrument weight : 44 lbs. (20 Kg)