Thank you for purchasing Polybrute!

This page will guide you through the quick steps to get your synth and associated software up and running.

How to get started

How to update
my PolyBrute firmware?

Updating your PolyBrute firmware will ensure you to enjoy your controller at its best.

A firmware update may already be available for your PolyBrute.

Please make sure to follow the next steps to get this one applied.


Connect your PolyBrute to your computer via the USB connection. Make sure not to use a USB hub.


Launch the PolyBrute Connect.


If it is not immediately displayed, try powering OFF and ON your instrument.


If a new firmware is available, a pop-up will show up to update to the latest firmware. Otherwise, click on the Update FW button in the bottom toolbar.

1. Click on the "Update to Latest" button.

2. After a validation from your part the firmware installation will debut.

1. First download a firmware file right here

2. In the PolyBrute Connect software, Click on the "Upgrade From File" button

3. Select the firmware file on your computer

4. After a validation from your part the firmware installation will debut

After few seconds, your PolyBrute will automatically reboot to finalize the process.


Check out the PolyBrute manuals to learn every detail about your new synthesizer:



PolyBrute EN Manual

Oct 19, 2023

3.14 MB


PolyBrute FR Manual

Oct 19, 2023

3.19 MB


PolyBrute ES Manual

Oct 18, 2023

3.19 MB


PolyBrute DE Manual

Oct 11, 2023

3.25 MB


PolyBrute JP Manual

Oct 10, 2023

3.83 MB


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