The art of sound design

PolyBrute comes fully loaded with a wealth of curated presets, expertly crafted for your enjoyment and inspiration.

We reached out to trailblazing sound designers, producers, and musicians to push PolyBrute to its limits. To dive deep into its complex architecture and produce sounds unlike any other synthesizer before it. To harness the awesome power of analog for a massive tonal palette. To weave intricate webs of modulation and expression for an unrelenting animated sonic experience.

Read about our sound designers’ personal experiences with PolyBrute: what inspired them, their approach, and what they wanted to achieve with each patch.

"The PolyBrute is one of a kind: yes, of course there are many polyphonic analog synthesizers. However with the Polybrute, Arturia have created a synthesizer with a truly unique sound. And on top of that, it is both a sound designer’s and performer’s dream synth."

Boele Gerkes

“The fact that the matrix also modulates between A and B means that sound design on the PolyBrute is meticulous work, but so rewarding in that it offers a whole new dimension of possibilities in sound sculpting. The icing on the cake is that crazy unpredictable "gray area" between A and B!”

Lily Jordy