Like no synth before it

This is a new approach to synthesis.


a new musical dimension

Infinite positions on an elusive spectrum of sound, instantly accessible.

Seamless transitioning of multiple parameters from one state to another, and everything in between. Morphing, combined with the Morphée and PolyBrute's uniquely eloquent inventory, paves the way for endless patch evolution and expressivity.

Going from a percussive patch with an emphasis on rhythm, to something smoother, with a pleasant arpeggio-like modulation.

The base is a filtered, wah-like tone, which turns into a plucked synth key sound using Metalizer, a Brute signature.

Morphing allows you to start from a moody plucked sound, to a soft lead, then back again.

You can quickly alternate between a pad-like envelope, and sharper, more percussive sounds, with a single twist of a knob.

Great synths start with great sound shaping

PolyBrute’s seismic sound begins with two analog VCOs sharing much of the same sonic architecture that has made MatrixBrute and the rest of the Brute family famous.

Each oscillator generates sawtooth, triangle and square waves simultaneously, and you can mix between them to waveshape just the right initial timbre.

Saw VCO1 > Triangle VCO1 > Square VCO1 > Sub VCO2 > Metalizer VCO1

Then dial in VCO 1’s Metalizer wavefolding to escalate from pure to rude. Bring in VCO 2’s sub-oscillator to add an extra octave lower or really rattle some teeth.

Dial in edgy FM effects by modulating VCO 1’s frequency with VCO 2, or subtly alter a continuous range of harmonics with soft or hard sync.

VCO Sync evolving

Metalizer evolving from minimum as a triangle waveform to the maximum Metalizer setting

Two filters are better than one

Tame the rawness of the Brute oscillators with not one, but two filters at your disposal - time-tested classics, fused with thrilling enhancements.

_1 VCF 1 Steiner

A 2-pole 12db/octave Steiner filter design with continuous sweepable slope types, as seen across the Brute range. The addition of the proprietary Brute Factor feedback control lets you add anything from subtle warmth to a raunchy growl.

Steiner filter showing Low Pass, Hi Pass and Band Pass modes

Steiner filter plus Brute Factor

_2 VCF 1 Ladder

Inspired by Dr. Bob Moog’s legendary 4-pole 24db/octave ladder design. A low-pass classic, with added gain compensation and asymmetrical distortion to add upfront grit to your polyphonic patches.

Ladder filter with and without resonance going up to self-oscillation.

Ladder filter plus distortion.


In series mode, you combine the strengths of both designs - forming a single unique filter exhibiting two different slopes.


In addition to assigning each sound source discretely to the filter of your choice, you can also determine whether the filters run in series, parallel - or a delicious mix of both.


In parallel mode, you can route the two different filters separately for discrete stereo synthesis, where the left and right channels can have different evolving sounds.

Ladder filter with and without resonance going up to self-oscillation.

modulation sources

Modulation has always been essential in animating synth sounds.

PolyBrute weaves a web of envelopes and LFOs that’s intricate and unpredictable in equal measure - the sound of motion itself.

Three Envelope Generators

PolyBrute’s VCF and VCA have velocity-sensitive ADSR envelopes hardwired outside the Matrix for instant gratification. The third Envelope Generator features a delay stage (DADSR) and can be assigned to sculpt any Matrix modulation targets. Use the various repeat and loop modes to add complex movement to your patches.

Three LFOs

PolyBrute’s three syncable LFOs span an extremely wide range - facilitating anything from beautiful evolving soundscapes to clangorous audio-range modulation. Options for waveshaping, polarity and retriggering let you take your sound way outside the box. Experiment with Matrix routing and tempo/MIDI sync for hyper-rhythmic effects.

Enter the matrix

The flexibility of modular patching combined with digital precision and analog richness makes for a transcendent polysynth experience.

32 target parameters, 64 connections in total. Rearrange PolyBrute’s signal chain with the touch of a single button. Dial in positive or negative amounts, intuitively assign one or more destinations via any relevant controls, instantly route PolyBrute’s array of performance controllers and advanced modulation sources to influence just about anything in the instrument’s chain - all without the spaghetti nest of wires.

But the Matrix doesn’t just take care of PolyBrute’s all-encompassing modulation routing - it’s the centrepiece of every aspect of its architecture. In Presets mode, use the Matrix to select any of the 768 patch memory locations. Morph mode accesses advanced morph state editing. Sequencer mode transforms the Matrix into an intuitive visual pattern editor.

Animate and automate
your sound

When you want to set your sound in motion, there’s no faster way than engaging PolyBrute’s Sequencer/Arpeggiator section, instantly accessible via the Transport section, Matrix, and keybed.

Trigger patterns from the keyboard or use the Hold mode to latch the keys you touch - freeing your hands to grab controllers, tweak parameters and/or play along. It’s the closest thing you can get to flying without leaving the ground.

We’ve taken the Arpeggiator way beyond the expected, giving you inspiring new modes ranging from predictable to delightfully random. When you hear something you like, the push of a button can even convert it to a sequence to preserve the magic of the moment - further editing and refinement optional.

We’ve taken the Arpeggiator way beyond the expected, giving you inspiring new modes ranging from predictable to delightfully random. When you hear something you like, the push of a button can even convert it to a sequence to preserve the magic of the moment - further editing and refinement optional.

Jagged filter envelopes, effect decays, and vibrating polyphonic drones await.

You can play along live with your sequences via split and layer modes. Use controllers to change timbre and other PolyBrute parameters during playback - great for bringing nuance, character and dynamics to your sequence-aided performances. You can even record changes from up three different controllers into a sequence to automate textural changes.

Go for solid predictability or dial in the degree of random probability you want to continually shake things up.

Imagine the possibilities of doing that with just about any PolyBrute control. You can optionally set playback speed from 1/8 to 8x what you performed - and even loop playback for repetitive effects.

Motion Recorder

As if there aren’t enough ways to animate your PolyBrute patches, the Motion Recorder instantly captures your movement of almost any knob or controller - and then automatically plays back that motion back with every triggered note.

If standard arpeggiation isn’t your game, the Matrix Arpeggiator mode combines the best of PolyBrute’s Arpeggiator and Sequencer into yet another innovative creative resource. Map which of up to six held notes will sound for each step, with mutes, octave transpose, slides, and even modulation tracks. Then that same pattern will apply to any notes you hold - craft melodies and ostinatos intelligently and intuitively.

Integrated digital effects

PolyBrute incorporates built-in professional-grade digital effects into every patch, with parameters that can be modulated to no end - rounding off an all-encompassing palette worthy of any stage, studio, or soundtrack.

These effects are no mere afterthoughts, either - we’ve even included favorite algorithms from our critically acclaimed FX Collection. Choose between 3 types of effect - Modulation, Delay, Reverb - and unlock all manner of immersive textures, from Chorus to BitCrusher, Karplus to BBD delay, Plate to Dreamy reverb.

PolyBrute’s effects are specially designed to take advantage of its complex stereo architecture - you even have the option of inserting them all inline before the output or configuring delay and reverb as a sidechain send.

World-class presets

The world’s top sound designers pushed PolyBrute to its limit - and gave us hundreds awe-inspiring presets to explore with.

These stunning presets come readily installed, spanning a multitude of genres and musical timbres, designed by experts in every sonic field - but these are no ordinary presets. Each one is a gateway to a new sonic domain, composed of two distinct states, and infinite points in between - ready to be explored via a plethora of expressive elements.

PolyBrute is a full-tilt vehicle of sonic exploration before you touch a single button.








Polyphony integrated

PolyBrute is equal parts standalone synth behemoth and studio family member - simple connectivity is key.

You can play an entire set or compose an entire soundtrack from start to finish, with no other gear. But PolyBrute is also designed to connect to your existing rig for a seamless musical experience.

A selection of MIDI, expression, audio, and sync connections on its back panel make it a team player that can add heaps of polyphonic power to any setup. A home modular system, a touring keyboard rig, a studio staple - PolyBrute fits the bill.

Designing a flagship

PolyBrute is undoubtedly a beast - but there’s beauty in its design too.

Not only is its layout logical and intuitive, but its striking design combines the best of vintage synth heritage and cutting-edge modernity. Timeless angles, smooth surfaces, and sleek appointments that’ll stand out on any stage. A calculated & rugged metal frame, lavishly lined with dark walnut for an aesthetic worthy of luxury interior design.

Wooden legs

Better still, PolyBrute’s chassis is fully compatible with our Wooden Legs companion. The Wooden legs offer a professional ergonomic solution, with a timeless beechwood construction, built for studio and stage that’s as reliable as it is stylish - enjoy an unhindered performing experience with class.

Discover Wooden Legs