From the Ground Up

The Wooden Legs take it to another level, promising comfort, sturdiness and elegance in equal measure.
From living room to open-air stage, you’ll be able to enjoy an unhindered performing experience.

Optimal height

The right posture is crucial for an enjoyable playing experience. The Wooden Legs are built with the perfect height in mind, so you can perform comfortably for hours on end.

Adjustable, adaptable

Easily adjust 2 of the legs to suit your requirements. If you’re working on an uneven or slanted surface, your KeyLab 88 MkII will remain balanced and stable.

Robust design

Mount and unmount in minutes, hassle-free. Made to fit securely into KeyLab 88 MkII’s frame, the Wooden Legs have also been rigorously road-tested for reliability.

Timeless looks

The solid ash design and beautiful cinnamon finish will look just as good at home as it will on stage. A classic, elegant aesthetic.

Stability is key

Why risk losing focus or creative flow due to discomfort? You wouldn’t want to record or perform with a world-class piano controller at the wrong height or angle.

That’s why we designed the Wooden Legs to go perfectly with KeyLab 88 MkII - the best controller deserves the best stand, and so do you.

The Wooden Legs aren’t just a simple, ergonomic solution - they’re built to last. They’ll connect directly to KeyLab 88 MkII’s chassis while leaving room for adjustments. The carefully-calculated angles ensure perfect, consistent balance that you can count on, whatever your requirements. An essential, reliable addition to your KeyLab 88 MkII setup.

Look the part

Add a touch of gorgeous retro class to your setup. Inspired by the wood frames of vintage keyboards and classic interior design, the Wooden Legs simply look the part.

Solid ash is the material of choice, featuring a subtle grain for a soft, natural appearance. A cinnamon finish is the final luxurious appointment, the rich hue perfectly contrasting with the clean-cut edges of KeyLab 88 MkII.

KeyLab 88 MkII

An all-encompassing piano controller that sets the standard. Stunning authentic feel meets a comprehensive but intuitive interface - an unparalleled performing experience.

Premium hammer-action Fatar keybed

MIDI, CV and pedal connectivity

Assignable faders, pads and rotary knobs

In-depth DAW & Arturia software integration

Main Features

  • Sturdy, elegant structure made from ash wood with a cinnamon finish

  • Adjustable leg length thanks to a smart screw system for smooth playing experience even on uneven surfaces
  • Compatible with KeyLab 88 MkII and PolyBrute only

  • Weight: 3.4 kg / 7.5 lbs.

  • Height: 66.5 cm / 26.2 inches with adjustable length of 10mm / 0.4 inches