Ep. 1: Voice Architecture
What shapes PolyBrute's sound

In this episode, Matt dissects the many components, controls, and settings that define PolyBrute's expansive range of voices before modulation or expression. This includes the dual Brute VCOs, the twin VCF setup, the LFO section, and more.

Ep. 2: Modulation
Shape, twist, tame

Now that you've got PolyBrute's massive voice architecture down, it's time to modulate. In this episode, Matt breaks down every aspect of the Mod Matrix, an expansive digital patch bay that lets you reroute PolyBrute's components to taste - offering unlimited creative freedom.

Ep. 3: Morphing
A to B and everything in between

The third episode of the PolyBrute tutorial series touches upon, undoubtedly, one of its most important features - morphing and the expression controls. Throughout the video sound designer and composer Matt Pike guides you through its charms, showing the depths and sharing the tips on how to keep your sound in a state of constant motion with musical expressiveness in mind.

Ep. 4: Effects
From Bitcrusher to tape echo

In this episode of our PolyBrute tutorial series, Matt shows you the full extent of its FX capabilities. Fully-loaded with pristine digital modulation, delay, and reverb algorithms, these FX don't just provide the perfect finishing touch to PolyBrute's massive sound - they're yet another axis for its expansive expression and morphing features.

Ep. 5: Sequencer
Patterns emerging

In this episode of our PolyBrute tutorial series, we're exploring its 64-step sequencer. Matt Pike goes in-depth, showing you the sequencer's intuitive visual interface via the Matrix, the simple transport controls, and how you can use it to weave intricate polyphonic patterns and complex automation.

Ep. 6: PolyBrute Connect
Virtual control of your dream synth

In the final episode of the PolyBrute tutorial series Matt Pike talks you through its behind the scenes utilities and essential settings. He also takes a look at PolyBrute Connect, PolyBrute's advanced software companion that lets you control your synth from a like-for-like virtual interface.

PolyBrute Connect

Ep. 1: Get Started
An early insight into the charms of PolyBrute Connect.

In the first episode of the series, product specialist Jacob gives us an overview PolyBrute Connect, exploring its main benefits for recording and sound design, as well as guiding you through the registration and installation processes.

Ep. 2: DAW Workflow
An introduction to powerful DAW integration and how it can help your creative process.

In the second episode, we show you how PolyBrute Connect's interface and workflow fits with any DAW, including working with multiple instances, automation lanes, and capturing your musical expressions.

Ep. 3: Morphing Visualised
How PolyBrute Connect can go deeper with morphing and editing.

This episode goes through the details of how morphing works with PolyBrute's software companion. Learn how to set positions A & B, achieve ultra-precise control over each parameter, and see in real-time what morphing can do for your sound.

Ep. 4: Sounds Management
A detailed look at organizing your favorite patches and sounds.

Our final PolyBrute Connect episode involves a presentation of its library functions, exploring the differences between computer and hardware presets, as well as showing how to manage your library of sounds.

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