Morphing analog polysynth

PolyBrute is more than a synthesizer - it's a 6-voice analog powerhouse, with unprecedented expressivity and sound morphing capabilities, built to let you perform fearlessly, compose with fluidity, and explore sound in perpetual motion.

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Imagine using 6 analog voices to craft a sound that's powerful, raw, and entirely yours. Imagine a sound existing in two states simultaneously in a single preset, with seamless morphing between them.

Imagine multi-axis performance controls offering next-generation musical expression. Imagine instant and limitless modulation at your fingertips. Imagine a polysynth made by musicians, for musicians.

Noir Edition

A limited-edition stealthy design for the flagship Brute.

Rediscover the morphing analog powerhouse with a fresh Noir finish, sleek redesigned knobs, and anodized parts, culminating in a deeper, darker aesthetic straight from the abyss. PolyBrute Noir is available while stocks last.

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a bold new chapter in the story of synthesis

Imagine being able to sweep all the parameter settings between two different patches all at once. PolyBrute goes even further with each preset existing in two states simultaneouly - A and B - and the groundbreaking ability to gradually morph between them.


Starting on a classic synth pad, then gradually adding a brighter, more digital-sounding layer.


From a Clavinet to a Wurlitzer, and everything in between.


Hear a moody plucked sound morph into a washed-out pad.


An aggressive lead going from thin to very large and detuned, thanks to the unison features.

tour de force

To complement its sonic power and colossal flexibility, we knew we wanted PolyBrute to have every conceivable means of performance expression. The single morph knob is the key that unlocks PolyBrute’s sweeping morph abilities - but it doesn’t end there.

The innovative Morphée controller

It does more than just put morphing at your fingertips; you can discreetly map the X and Y touch axes plus the Z pressure axis to bring a new form of control to any destination parameters available in the Mod Matrix. You can even use the Morphée to randomize your sequences or arpeggios with spice, dice, and ratcheting!

The ribbon controller

We’ve resurrected the coveted ribbon controller, once a staple on classic hardware synthesizers. Positioned immediately above the keybed, you can assign it to your chosen modulation destination and glide effortlessly up and down the spectrum.

The Keyboard

Coupled with a premium velocity/pressure-sensitive keybed, pitch wheel and assignable mod wheel, and footpedal controller inputs, and PolyBrute excels beyond the realm of powerful polysynth.

Dual iconic filters

Add color and shape to your timbres with two classic filter designs, configurable in series, parallel, or continuously variable.

filters polybrute
The Steiner

A timeless 12db/octave filter with continuous slope type, enhanced with the signature Brute Factor feedback for bite & bark in equal measure.

The Ladder

The legendary 24db/octave filter for that essential low-pass smoothness, supercharged with distortion to compliment the Brute voice.


Mars Geology

Simon Gallifet

A simple and straight techno track. Everything but the kick is coming from the PolyBrute.Based on the “Pulsar” preset with some SFX presets like “FX Hoover” and “Massacre”.


Michael Geyre

A trip into orbit using 9 Polybrute instances.Based on a string ensemble sound (Solistrings), a sequence (Spovtnik), and a lead sound (Mini Lead).

Poly Synergy

Lily Jordy

This minor melodic tune is made of 9 Polybrute presets sounds from Lily’s bank, and a conga loop for a richer percussion section. All effects are internal to the PolyBrute: no external plugins were used except Ableton Live 10’s compressors.

Dark Brutes


A powerful darkwave track on Polybrute FW 3.0 for all our synthwave lovers.

Poly On Mars

Maxime Desormieres

Playful, soulful modern piece using the Polybrute FW 3.0's best presets from the Factory.

Rainy Brute

Michael Geyre

This cinematic Blade Runner type track is 100% Polybrute FW 3.0.

Sweeping Memories

Lily Jordy

A dreamy ambient soundscape with layered keys, Steiner filter sweeps, and interlacing textures.



Intensely evolving and emotional ambient-IDM piece by Arovane, using only the Polybrute FW 3.0 Factory presets. Inspired by the complex rhythmic structure of the preset "Automat".



A perfect blend of dystopian video game soundtracks and bass music influences. Drums were externally sourced, all other sounds are from the Polybrute.

The Matrix

The digital brain for PolyBrute’s analog heart

The Matrix is where PolyBrute’s analog reactivity and digital precision collide - an advanced architecture unlike any synth before it.

1 Presets

Instant access to 768 presets slots, including patches from the greatest sound designers in the world. No menus, no waiting - just like everything else on PolyBrute.

2 Sequencer

A tactile visual interface with everything you need to create dynamic polyphonic sequences, arpeggios, parameter motion recording and more.

3 Mods

A 96-point digital patchbay with up to 32 destinations - easily route any of your modulation sources and controllers to influence dozens of PolyBrute’s parameters at once.

4 Morph

Adjust the modulation sources and destinations for the A and B states within a preset to deepen your morphing contrast and color.






Coherent integration between PolyBrute and your virtual studio projects.

Combining the tactility of analog hardware with the convenience of virtual instrument flexibility, PolyBrute’s entire front panel, replicated as a standalone Mac/PC app and a plugin for all major DAWs.
Organize your patch library and enjoy bi-directional visual editing between software and hardware - anything changed on PolyBrute will reflect on screen, and vice versa. You can even control every PolyBrute parameter with MIDI tracks in your DAW - analog power meets an unhindered virtual workflow.

  • Craft sound

    Explore the depths of PolyBrute’s advanced features with a like-for-like virtual interface.

  • Manage your patches

    Organize your favorite sounds, and easily import new presets & sound banks.

  • Control in real-time

    Every parameter change, either on synth or software, is mirrored by the other.

A Hands-on
Analog Experience

PolyBrute puts all that analog power right up front with dedicated knobs and switches, offering unmatched control and immediacy.

Almost everything you touch also generates MIDI, so you can capture your every move as part of your DAW productions. It’s all right there in front of you.

in design

An instrument of this magnitude is deserving of only the highest attention to detail.

PolyBrute is a synthesizer years in the making. It's undergone rigorous testing to ensure a build quality of the finest calibre. Controls, buttons, and expressive components that are a delight to use, time after time. Its pristine metal chassis is embellished with luxurious dark walnut appointments for a timeless aesthetic, with a sleek, modern flare that sets it apart from the crowd.

PolyBrute is something unmistakably new, while remaining firmly rooted in synth design heritage.


  • Pro Sound

    On PolyBrute

    “It's no coincidence that the manufacturer says that PolyBrute is made by musicians for musicians!”

  • Audio Fanzine

    On PolyBrute

    “The PolyBrute is an impressive, original and endearing instrument that will take pride of place in the most demanding studios.”

  • MusicTech

    On PolyBrute

    “The PolyBrute is a hugely enjoyable and characterful synth, with some exceptionally interesting facilities that make it stand out from the crowd”



Main Features

Analog Morphing Synthesizer

  • 6 voices of Polyphony
  • Mono, Unison, Poly voicing
  • Single, Split, Layer modes

61-keys with Velocity and Aftertouch

Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel, Ribbon controllers

Morphée touch and pressure sensitive 3D controller

Sound Morphing capability, part A and B for each preset

Two Analog VCO's

  • Saw
  • Triangle + Metalizer
  • Square + Pulse Width
  • Sub
  • Linear FM
  • Hard Sync

Noise Generator

  • Continuous tone from rumble noise to white noise

Osc and Noise Mixer with Filter routing

12dB/Oct Steiner Parker Filter

  • Continuous LP>Notch>HP>BP morphing
  • Cutoff, Resonance, Brute Factor

24dB/Oct Ladder Filter with Distortion

Three Envelopes

  • Looping capability

Three LFOs

  • LFO1 and LFO2 with waveform selection
  • LFO3 with waveform shaping using Shape and Symmetry
  • Rate control & Tempo Sync
  • Various retrig options

Three stereo digital effects

  • Modulation FX : Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Ring Modulation
  • Delay : 9 algorithms including BBD, Digital delay
  • Reverb : 9 algorithms including Hall, Plate, Spring, Shimmer

768 preset slots

12x32 Modulation Matrix

64 step polyphonic sequencer

  • Notes, Accent, Slide per step
  • 3 tracks of automation

Arpeggiator and Matrix Arpeggiator

Stereo audio output

MIDI and USB i/o + analog clock i/o

2 expression and 1 sustain pedal inputs

What’s in the box

Box content

  • PolyBrute unit
  • Power cable

Instrument dimensions

  • Size: 38.3 x 14.9 x 4.4 inches(972 x 378 x 110mm)
  • Weight: 44lbs (20kg)