Update 3.0

Deeper into destruction, expression, and beyond


Prepare PolyBrute, the morphing analog synthesizer, for exploring new depths of polyphonic sound with an array of embellishments, experimental features, and creative upgrades, available for free.

Download the new firmware through PolyBrute Connect.

Update Firmware

Distortion mode

Color and crush your polyphonic patches with a new page of effects: Distortion. This includes 7 types of crunch: Subtle Tape, Classic Distortion, Soft Clip, Worn Out Tape, Germanium, BitCrusher, and DownSample.

Flexible effects routing

Dig deeper into PolyBrute’s signal chain and rewire its effects to suit your sound design flow; both the Insert and Send modes can now be adjusted in terms of order.

New Stereo Layer mode

Allocate one voice to the left channel and one to the right to add increased natural width to PolyBrute’s sounds.

Enhanced tuning

A wider range of tuning options lets you adjust PolyBrute’s musical role in your projects, from tuning individual oscillators more deeply to transposing the keyboard to suit a particular track or style.

PolyBrute Connect

Communication between PolyBrute and its software counterpart is now quicker, smoother, and more intuitive, also accommodating other new features from firmware 3.0.

Workflow & expression improvements

Numerous fixes and much-requested additions to PolyBrute’s feature set, from reloading your last saved preset on startup to more features & parameters displayed on-screen in real-time.

Over 350
new presets

PolyBrute’s library has been totally reworked with new & enhanced presets that emphasize its expressivity, analog power, and new features like Distortion and Stereo Layer mode; hear the new library in action in Matt Pike’s dedicated playthrough video.

Update Firmware

How to update your
PolyBrute firmware

Updating your firmware is quick and simple.

Download and install the PolyBrute Connect and it will guide you through all necessary steps to update your firmware.

If you still need help, you can visit our "Firmware update" FAQ page.

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