Emulator II V is a multitimbral sampling machine that brings E-Mu Systems’ seminal digital workhorse back to life in all its nostalgic glory - with a slick modern edge.

Its unique combination of high-fidelity 8-bit sound, warm analog filter, and instantly-recognizable sample library is sure to spark instant creativity, just as the original once did. When you want lo-fi grain, ‘80s sheen, or a sampling flow that stands out from the crowd, look no further.

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Changing the sampling game

An instrument that graced every ‘80s line-up. An icon from the early days of sampling. A unique character that helped define the sound of a decade and beyond. The Emulator II’s digital charm and tactile layout made it the musical weapon of choice for everyone from Depeche Mode to Trent Reznor.

The Emulator series was the work of E-mu Systems in the 1980s. Upon release, the Emulator II was met with critical acclaim, combining the novel versatility of sampling with the familiar layout of a classic synthesizer.

At the helm of E-mu systems was the legendary Dave Rossum. A California native, Rossum is now a veteran of the industry, and considered among the most influential figures in electronic instrument design.

His pioneering work combining analog richness and digital precision in modular systems made the synth world sit up and listen, and the company went on to collaborate with the likes of Sequential and Oberheim. It was when the ‘80s hit, however, that Rossum struck gold.

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Dave Rossum

on the Emulator II

“I've spent so much time around it - I'm attached to it. It's a part of me.”

Is it modern? Is it vintage?

It’s both. Emulator II V comes loaded with a curated sample library that mixes iconic Emulator & Synclavier samples with a diverse modern selection.

Better still, you can import your own samples to give them that diamond retro treatment, or dive deeper into its sampling architecture with enhanced editing tools.

Choral vocal sections, the slam of gated ‘80s drums, symphonic brass, the peaceful flow of a shallow stream - back then, you’d collect your samples on floppy disks. Now, Emulator II V brings a fully immersive vintage sampling experience to your DAW, overflowing with sentimental sonic value.

And if you want the samples in your mix to bring a vibe of their own, what better way than to use a sampler straight from the old school? Choose between a modern DAC or a faithful emulation of the original hardware’s DAC and let the lo-fi vibes roll...

Sampler heart, synth brain

Instrument first, sampler second. Part of what made the Emulator hardware so popular was the fact that it behaved like a synthesizer, but with the flexibility of using samples - its multitimbrality meant up to 8 samples could be played at once on your keyboard.

Emulator II V follows the same recipe to offer you the same charm that put this instrument on the musical map. Tame that 8-bit character with an ultra-smooth VCF, dial in some LFO for classic synth-style movement, or instantly change your sample playback with familiar ADSR control.

Emulator II V goes beyond glorious ‘80s sound - this expansive virtual sampling workhorse will complement your creativity to no end.

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Artists corner

What we added

Emulator II V’s interface is designed to be authentic and immersive - but there’s more than meets the eye.

Zoom in on the built-in display to access in-depth sampling editing, expressive modulation, and a suite of FX that go beyond the original - and that’ll cement Emulator II V as your favorite outside-the-box sampler.

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Control every aspect of how your keyboard/note range interacts with each of your samples, from zone assignment to aftertouch.

Harness the keyboard/note input as a modulation tool - velocity, keyboard tracking, and aftertouch can be configured to manipulate the same 16 destinations.

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The simple addition of 11 FX algorithms is the final trick up Emulator II V’s sleeve. Whether you want to add isolated reverb to your snare sample, or just whack a swirling phaser on the master output, Emulator II V is on your level.

Apply an effect to any sample independently, apply up to 3 FX to the output, and opt for series or parallel depending on your tonal preference - get ready to send this sampler into sonic orbit.

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  • Hear it in action

    Immerse yourself in Emulator II V’s nostalgic sampled tones. In the hands of sound designers, composers, and musicians of all styles, it comes into its own - experience the awesome retro charm of this classic keyboard.

    Preset library

    From the very first note, you’ll be hooked on Emulator II V. It comes loaded with expertly-designed presets, from sampled classic instruments to edgy synthesized percussion - you’ll find a sound that suits you in no time.

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    Included in
    V collection

    Legendary Keyboards Reinvented

    This instrument is also part of the V Collection -your complete dream line-up of the legendary synths, organs, pianos and more that made keyboard history. They’re modeled with the most advanced technologies for authentic realism, and enhanced with new creative options. Whether you use it as DAW plugins in the studio or standalone at gigs, V Collection puts the greatest keys of all time at your fingertips for instant inspiration.

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    TAE® Powered

    The exclusive analog modeling technology that makes our emulations indistinguishable from the originals.

    By accurately mimicking the characteristics of analog oscillators, filters, and soft clipping, we can provide astonishing component-accurate detail and authentic analog charm in equal measure.

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