Stage-73 V isn’t just a virtual reimagining of the instrument at the heart of Motown classics, hard-hitting funk in the ‘70s, platinum Y2K R&B, and today’s biggest dance anthems.

Using physical modeling to capture every detail of the original instrument’s behavior, and enhancing it with the modern production flexibility you need, this is simply the most authentic, versatile, and accessible electric piano plugin ever made.

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A sound that’s always in style

Whether you’re playing yesterday’s hits or making tomorrow’s, the sound of Stage-73 V2 is a true player in its own right.

The venerable sound of the Fender Rhodes simply refuses to go out of style.

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Real Rhodes DNA

To capture that authentic Rhodes magic, we had to dive deep.

Stage-73 V2’s physical modeling sound engine offers an electric piano experience that’s so realistic, you’ll forget you’re playing a software instrument.

The Rhodes’ hammers struck metal tines of different lengths attached to a metal harp, essentially creating a huge polyphonic tuning fork responsible for the core trademark sound. Pickups like those in electric guitars transduced the vibrations and sent them to a preamp and tone-shaping circuits before finally going to an amp and speakers. In Stage-73 V, we’ve modeled the behavior of every single one of those components, output circuit and all, delivering completely faithful instruments that sound and play just like the ones that inspired them.

7 sound modes

Stage-73 V isn’t just one instrument - it’s many.

It encapsulates a range of Rhodes piano models, from Stage to Suitcase, ‘73 or ‘74, Classic to Modern, putting a huge range of hearty sounds at your disposal - luscious vibrato and all.

Like many classic instruments, the electric piano has been through many iterations over the years, each with its own sonic nuance and reputation. Stage-73 V emulates and modernizes every variant, combining them into a fully-fledged electric piano toolkit.

Whatever your style, choose the perfect electric piano voice to suit your mix.

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    Warmth, crunch, and color

    Stage-73 V is designed as a tailor-made Rhodes toolkit.

    With a newly-integrated pedal rig, you can add emulated stompboxes to your chain, from red-hot distortion to glorious tape echo. Assemble your own fully-customizable keyboard rig.

    Color your soft chord sequences with classic modulation stompbox models, including an all-new stereo analog phaser. Push your electric piano riffs to breaking point with warm distortion, responsive compression, and a slick wah/auto-wah feature. Give it some room, with ambient effects ranging from beautifully-modeled reverb to crunchy vintage tape echo.

    Amp it up

    You’ve chosen your electric piano model. You’ve chosen your stompboxes. What better way to round it off than with a cranked amp?

    Choose from the sparkling valve response of the Twin Amp, or the lush stereo revolutions of the Rotary Speaker - complete with amp controls and custom room settings. Give your electric piano the rock ‘n’ roll edge it deserves.

    Ahead of the curve

    Go beyond emulation; Stage-73 V is yours to customize. Open up the Advanced Panel, and you’ll find an array of enhancements that put you firmly in charge of every aspect of your sound.

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    Artists corner

    Hear it in action

    Stage-73 V has to be heard to be believed. Sit back and enjoy its sumptuous tones in motion with expertly-crafted demos from world-class sound designers.

    Preset library

    Looking for that vintage EP charm without the associated tweaking? Stage-73 V comes loaded with over 50 curated presets and a revamped sound browser - making it easier than ever to get onto the creative path you seek.

    Included in
    V collection

    Legendary Keyboards Reinvented

    This instrument is also part of the V Collection -your complete dream line-up of the legendary synths, organs, pianos and more that made keyboard history. They’re modeled with the most advanced technologies for authentic realism, and enhanced with new creative options. Whether you use it as DAW plugins in the studio or standalone at gigs, V Collection puts the greatest keys of all time at your fingertips for instant inspiration.

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    Phi® Powered

    State-of-the-art physical modeling designed to provide real material depth to our acoustic and electro-acoustic virtual instruments.

    With advanced mathematical algorithms, our engineers recreate every aspect of the original instruments, down to the finest vibrations - for a response that sounds and feels as tangible as the real thing.

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