Acid V

Corrosive bassline machine

Acid V channels the cult-classic bass synth that pushed the underground into overdrive. Pump your mixes full of reactive ever-evolving bass grooves, unleash mutated sequences fizzing with distortion, and experiment with extra features for revitalized rave energy.

Enter the
rave reactor

The abrasive, hypnotic sound that gets synapses firing and feet tapping unlike anything else. Give your bass the acidic treatment and set off a sonic chain reaction that’ll heat up your mix to lethal levels.

Little box, big bass

The magic silver box that defined acid, modeled down to component-level detail, capturing the pure sonic essence of a certified bass classic.

In constant motion

Acid V is all about movement; instantly spawn jagged polymetric sequences, hypnotic scale-based patterns, and endless sonic mutations.

Rave revitalized

The strobe-lit dance movements of the ‘80s, ‘90s, and early ‘00s share the same analog DNA; now it’s yours to manipulate, reinvent, and transform.

A mutated classic

Steer the 303 sound into experimental territory with upgraded features & effects delivering sounds far darker, deeper, and more impactful than the original.

sonic chemistry

Discover a raw, biting, in-your-face analog sound that never stops moving.

Fusing the 303 sound with a cocktail of creative and experimental features, Acid V is all about launching a sequence and tweaking, mutating, evolving. Spark note changes, drop in slides and accents, and - of course - making that abrasive resonant filter scream.

True Cell

Victor Morello

A hard-hitting half-tempo track with a cyberpunk vibe, building to a trance-like four-to-the-floor drop.

Acid Circle

Simon Gallifet

An evolving EDM / breakbeat track with multiple Acid V instances.

Ambient Acid


An ambient downtempo track using 6 Acid V instances for basses, acid lines, sequences, and leads.

Rolling Resonance


This punchy drum & bass track uses several presets from Acid Vs' factory bank.

Two Sides

Minor Science

A aggressive IDM track showing two sides Acid V: hyperactive basslines and dreamy leads. The kick was also made using Acid V.

Trance Lifter

Sami Rabia

A trance track featuring an uplifting supersaw sequence and a gnarly distorted acid lead.

The origins
of acid

Many of history’s most iconic and sought-after instruments were not necessarily popular at the time of their introduction; often intended for one thing but transformed by users into something else entirely, ushering entire movements into existence.

When the TB-303 Bass Line synthesizer was released in 1981, it was meant to be a substitute for bass guitars. Its sound was subsequently deemed unrealistic by users, and it was discontinued 3 years later - but when it found its way into the hands of electronic music producers in the late ‘80s, the 303 emerged as something entirely different.

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The 303 sound may not have been reminiscent of bass guitars, it proved to be a volatile catalyst that sparked an entire dance music movement. It was in Chicago that the reaction started; artists like Phuture and Sleezy D released tracks featuring crunchy, bubbly, jagged basslines that audiences simply hadn’t heard before.

The culprit? Second-hand 303s, paired up with the hypnotic rhythms of house music. Thus, ‘acid house’ was born, and the quirky bass synth at its core went on to feature heavily in rave, hardcore, psytrance… Today, its sound is a favorite of everyone from Daft Punk to Aphex Twin to Tame Impala, etched into music’s past, ever-prominent in its present - and now, Acid V puts its future in your hands.

we added

This is no ordinary 303 clone. Acid V has been deliberately mutated with fresh and experimental features designed with explosive sonic reactions in mind.

A bigger, better voice

Get deeper and more deranged bassline sounds with a 2-octave range sub oscillator and vibrato that goes from slow detune to audio rate.


The 303 sound is so synonymous with distortion that you can’t have one without the other. We included 14 algorithms to satisfy every crunchy craving.

An evolved sequencer

Acid V features the fast, musical, advanced sequencer 303 fans have always wanted; you can even bounce its unique patterns to MIDI for use with clips and other instruments.

Scales & Transmutation

Alter your sequence’s DNA and create fresh patterns in one click with Transmutation, and lock into musical scales specially curated with modern styles in mind.

Under the hatch

Crack open Acid V’s virtual panel to uncover detailed analog fine-tuning, letting you emulate the specific pitchy, drifty, noisy quirks of genuine vintage units.

Modulation & effects

Create evolving movements & vivid sonic coloration without leaving Acid V’s interface; 3 modulators, 4 FX slots, and 17 FX algorithms for next-gen acid sound.

A closer

Zoom in on the quick-fire workflow of Acid V’s interface, from familiar voice controls to retrofitted modern features.

The advanced

Go from hands-on bass box to acid sound design playground at the touch of a button. Acid V’s Advanced panel lets you dive deep into its sequencing, modulation, and effects for a whole new trip.


Acid V is a sequencing & arpeggiation playground. This dedicated panel blows open every individual element of its powerful sequencing, from scale-based pattern generation to polymetric controls. Whatever your style, quickly build thumping bass sequences, wild mechanical rhythms, and unpredictable patterns that refuse to repeat. It even features over 350 sequence presets to get your grooves off the ground.

3 customizable function generators give you hands-free movement sound design flexibility that far exceeds the capabilities of classic hardware. Choose from familiar LFO-like configurations, or go full custom by drawing your own modulation shapes, and quickly assign them to dozens of parameters across Acid V’s interface.

Transform Acid V’s sound far beyond the sum of its components with 4 FX slots and 17 total FX to choose from, including Pitch-Shift Delay, Super Unison, Multiband Compressor, and more. Turn basslines into swirling stereo soundscapes, resonant rave melodies into crushed industrial textures…


Enjoy an expertly-crafted selection of 150+ presets, from classic bass synth lines to experimental modulated tones for modern production - instantly-gratifying results in a few clicks.

Bass Line

Future Sports

A big beat / breakbeat-style sequence with screaming filter resonance and a heavily-distorted engine.

Three Step

A sequence of just 3 steps is all you need to kickstart Acid V; tweak the controls and enjoy the hypnotic repetition.

Hard Bass


Hard bass sequence with funky modulations and big distortion, great for techno and hard techno. Brightness opens cutoff.

Trance's Waves

Aggressive synthetic bass line, that goes well with your Hard Trance productions. Use Brightness to open the filter. For a perfect result, a BPM of 150 is recommended.


Clean Arp

A classic EDM arp, with subtle injections of glide and vibrato, primed for all kinds of electronic music.


Simple acid arpeggiator. You can try generating accent and slide sequences while tweaking the knobs. Time Macro adds flanger effect.

Melodic Sequence

Three Oh What

Coaxing a huge trance sound out of Acid V with a long reverberated sequence that gradually builds to a euphoric climax.

Smooth Ride

A classic hardline acid sequence showcasing Acid V's gritty, abrasive sound, expanded with a touch of stereo delay.

Rhythmic Sequence


Heavy overtones from distortion. Sounds like oscillator sync. Try saw wave for a different set of overtones. Brightness controls the filter frequency.


Dark atmospheric hard acid riff with pitch delay. Use Brightness to change cutoff.


Uptempo Killer

Uptempo kick. Best in C1 range, 180 to 220 BPM. Time macro controls the impact's pitch modulation made by modulation 3. Brightness macro controls the tone. Movement controls the tone as well, but in a harder way, by moving multifilter's cutoff.

Acid Kick

Techno kick preset. You can change the pitch attack with Time Macro. Brightness and Timbre Macros will give you a more aggressive sound. Movement Macro acts like a filter.



  • MusicTech

    On Acid V

    “All in all, a total winner and another triumph for Arturia.”

  • Gearspace

    On Acid V

    “Hands-down the best feature set on a virtual TB-303 right now”

  • Synth Anatomy

    On Acid V

    “Acid V is more than just another simple soft recreation”

  • WeRaveYou

    On Acid V

    “It’s the perfect instrument to experiment with, and whether you want to spice up your house tracks or add some mutated flair to your trance or techno projects, you’ll feel right at home.”

The features
you need

  • In-App Tutorials

    Integrated in-app tutorials guide you through every aspect of the instrument, from individual parameters to tips from our sound designers, so you can focus on the creative stuff. It shouldn't be this easy, but it is!

  • ASC

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  • DAW ready

    Our virtual instruments and plugins are designed to fit right into your setup without hassle. Whatever your style, you can explore sound while enjoying full compatibility with major DAWS, on both Windows and MacOS.

  • Preset browser

    Instantly find the sound that’s in your head with intelligent & streamlined preset browsing. Search with keywords, explore by instrument type, musical style, and more - you can even save your favorites to quickly recall later.

  • Resizable GUI

    Whether you want the full visual immersion of our classic instrument emulations, or to save precious screen real estate, the interfaces for all of your Arturia virtual instruments can be resized to a scale that suits you.

  • Perfect integration

    Instruments come seamlessly mapped for the Arturia KeyLab range - but they’ll place nice with other MIDI controllers too. Instant sound tweaking macros, easy DAW integration, and standalone operation.

TAE® Powered

The exclusive analog modeling technology that makes our emulations indistinguishable from the originals.

By accurately mimicking the characteristics of analog oscillators, filters, and soft clipping, we can provide astonishing component-accurate detail and authentic analog charm in equal measure.

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Main Features

Enhanced software emulation of classic TB-303 bass synth.

Virtual Instrument playable in a DAW (Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro…) or standalone with a MIDI keyboard.

Analog oscillator with Square and Triangle waveforms

Sub oscillator with 2-octave range and 3 waveforms

Resonant low-pass filter

Built-in distortion module with 14 algorithms

Added vibrato feature

Advanced polymetric sequencer & arpeggiator

  • Up to 64 steps
  • Slide, accent, octave shifting
  • Transmutation (Sequence generation & alteration)
  • Built-in scales
  • Shift sequence in 4 directions
  • Drag and drop patterns into MIDI blocks
  • Over 350 sequence presets

Hidden hatch for fine-tuning & customizing analog components

3 multi-mode function generators for flexible modulation

4 FX slots with 17 FX to choose from

MTS-ESP microtuning compatibility

Over 150 factory presets

Platform specifications


  • Win 10+ (64bit)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4 cores CPU, 3.4 GHz (4.0 GHz Turbo-boost)
  • 3GB free hard disk space
  • OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU
  • ARM processors not supported on Windows

Required configuration

  • Works in Standalone, VST, AAX, Audio Unit, NKS (64-bit DAWs only).


  • Mac OS 11+
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4 cores CPU, 3.4 GHz (4.0 GHz Turbo-boost) or M1 CPU
  • 3GB free hard disk space
  • OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU

Work with ASC

  • An elegant and simple solution to help you install, activate, and update your Arturia software instruments.

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