The Farfisa hit the pop stage several years before synthesizers. Portable and polyphonic, its reedy voice was heard everywhere.

Thanks to Farfisa V, it never really went away. Our TAE® analog modeling technology recreates every nuance of the Farfisa Compact DeLuxe. How far did we turn up the microscope? To the level of how the vintage circuits passed electrons around, which gets way more realistic than even the best samples. Whether you’re after a retro-cool infusion or something completely different, Farfisa V is an instant inspiration generator.

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The Italian Stallion

When Farfisa started producing combo organs in 1964, they knew who their customers were: mods and rockers who didn’t want to lug living room furniture to the gig. Their aggressive but cheerful sound perfectly fit the spirit of the era, and it’s every bit as evocative today.

That sound came from transistor circuits that were relatively inexpensive to manufacture, not to mention lightweight. Farfisas looked cooler than living room organs, too, and projected a sense of the now and the future. Play that sound today, and you’re not just playing “retro.” You’re playing what retro musicians thought the future would sound like. Guess that means they were right!

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Time Capsule

Everything but the smell of dust on hot electronics.

Farfisa V reproduces all the controls of the Compact DeLuxe, then adds retro-tastic FX and amp simulation.

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Wait, this is an organ plug-in?

First, we obsessed over authenticity and realism. Then we sort of went full mad scientist.

The Farfisa had just enough proto-synth features to make players wish for more. Using the modeling power of TAE®, we realized our vision for what could have happened if its designers had anything like today’s resources.

Hear it in action

Take a trip through time with these sound demos that show just how convincing Farfisa V is in the context of a mix. Allons-y!

Between our accuracy obsession and our make-it-better obsession, our sound designers had a monster job coming up with Presets that showcase how Farfisa V can sound both precisely historical and entirely new. Here are just a handful. Try them all when you download our free demo!

Artists corner

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Legendary Keyboards Reinvented

This instrument is also part of the V Collection -your complete dream line-up of the legendary synths, organs, pianos and more that made keyboard history. They’re modeled with the most advanced technologies for authentic realism, and enhanced with new creative options. Whether you use it as DAW plugins in the studio or standalone at gigs, V Collection puts the greatest keys of all time at your fingertips for instant inspiration.

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TAE® Powered

The exclusive analog modeling technology that makes our emulations indistinguishable from the originals.

By accurately mimicking the characteristics of analog oscillators, filters, and soft clipping, we can provide astonishing component-accurate detail and authentic analog charm in equal measure.

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