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The rich reverb you’ve always known, always loved, and always wanted. Rev LX-24 gives your sound the space, atmosphere, and sparkle you need every time - and you might uncover some inspiring surprises along the way.

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Interact with some of Rev LX-24’s essential controls to hear how their interplay can create detailed, timeless, and inspiring reverb in seconds.

The eternal reverb

Reverb comes in many forms. The bouncy rattling quality of a spring tank; the crystalline texture of a shimmer reverb; but sometimes you just want purity, warmth, and ultra-smooth decay. That’s where Rev LX-24 comes in.

Based on a true studio legend known for its effortlessly clean ambience, this FX plugin brings vocals, drums, guitars, synths, and entire mixes to life with its pristine long decays, quick-fire algorithms, and feature enhancements that give reverb a whole new creative purpose.

A closer look

Between the main panel and the advanced panel, you’ll find every control you need to tailor Rev LX-24’s spacious sound to your creative needs, from the conventional to the unheard. Here’s a closer look:

Preset library

Bread-and-butter reverb presets perfectly tailored to vocals, drums, synths, and more; specially-designed settings offering abstract atmosphere and ever-evolving spaces; Rev LX-24 comes loaded with 100 presets for classic & essential reverb tones in a few clicks.

Artists corner

At the dawn of digital

Historically, reverb was a very physical thing. Boxes full of springs, metal plates suspended in a frame, sound amplified into a room and re-recorded to capture the space. Then, in the 1970s, everything changed.

The humble microprocessor - a small computer processor chip - was making waves in everything from car manufacture to synthesizer technology. It was only a matter of time before it found its way into recording studios, and the Lexicon 224 Digital Reverberator was one of the earliest cases.

Now Rev LX-24 brings it to life in the virtual realm with unmatched accuracy, from emulating its classic algorithms to careful modeling of its analog-to-digital converters. Enjoy a true atmospheric icon right in your DAW.

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