Effortlessly transform, instantly inspire

Breathe life, musicality, and character into any sound, and discover inspiring & intricate new textures.

From dramatic rhythmic stutter effects to cloudy reverb shimmers, and everything in between. Efx FRAGMENTS takes the complex concept of granular synthesis and makes it more flexible, more accessible, and more musical than ever.

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Granular synthesis explained

At its most basic level, granular synthesis involves splitting a sound into parts - ‘grains’ - and using them in creative ways.

You can change the size of the grains, the amount of space between them, their pitch, their playback behavior - the list goes on.

The resulting sound is both highly recognizable and wholly unique to granular. Frozen timbres from smooth & transparent to sharp & brittle; rainfall delay that drenches any mix; dense clouds of reverberating sonic texture; cascading modulations that turn a short sound into an endless flow.

Once you’ve experienced Efx FRAGMENTS’ unique interpretation of granular processing, you’ll never look back.

Parts of a whole

Efx FRAGMENTS breaks the process of granular synthesis down into easy-to-use modules that intuitively interact with each other.

By individually tweaking different parts of the granular process, you can explore and experiment with your sound with absolute control and unprecedented detail; here’s how it works.

Artists corner

Granular triple threat

Despite its near boundless possibilities and potential for sonic chaos, granular synthesis doesn't need to be daunting.

Efx FRAGMENTS distills this expansive concept into 3 clearly defined modes that deliver tangible, usable, and inspiring results - whatever your style.

Sound design frontier

Granular synthesis goes beyond glitchy transients and shimmering reverb.

Efx FRAGMENTS is designed as an end-to-end granular toolkit, offering never-before-seen sound design flexibility, features, and presets to make any sound interesting. Here’s what you can expect…

Animating sound

Turn the simplest sample or drum loop into an exciting focal feature in your mix. Any sound, no matter how static or plain, will become an animated, living, breathing sonic curiosity when processed through Efx FRAGMENTS. Keep things moving without relying on ambience or repetitive sequences with features like Spray, randomization, macros, and the Advanced modulation section.

Exploring pitch

Go beyond basic harmonization and shimmering octave shifts with accurate pitch tracking, scale quantization, and spatial enhancement. Make harmonic and melodic content more interesting, more textural, and more characterful by experimenting with Efx FRAGMENTS' +/-3 octaves of pitch-shifting capabilities, randomized fine-tuning for swirling chorus and detuning effects, and more.


Bend the rules of time and sound by freezing any audio in place. Experimenting with different combinations of size and grain while engaging Efx FRAGMENTS' Freeze function can create never-ending drones from a single frozen point of your sound. Transform a short sound into an artificial dense trail, create a pedal note layer underneath a melody, or manually skim through a sound by adjusting the playhead position.

Rhythmic variation

Take a simple beat or repeating drum loop and inject variation, color, and complex rhythmic content in seconds. Using Efx FRAGMENTS' tempo-sync options alongside built-in Step Sequencer, Pitch control, and Grain Crush can twist and contort your drums and percussion beyond recognition, while retaining their core rhythmic purpose. An essential tool for enhancing beats, drum hits, and rhythm sections.

Distort, destroy

Yes, Efx FRAGMENTS can introduce subtle changes and character to a sound - but it has an extreme side too. Add grit and noisy digital artifacts with the Grain Crush feature, including authentic bitcrushing algorithms from CMI V and Emulator II V; Go red-hot with Multi-Distortion in the FX slots; Crank settings to the extreme using essential effects like Comb Filter, Phaser, and Tape Echo; push your granular sound to the limit.

Double Axis Spatializer

From rich stereo modulation, to detailed reverb & delay FX, to the versatile Pan module, Efx FRAGMENTS gives you full control of the stereo field. Introduce random left-to-right movement, hypnotic stereo drones, spacious granular atmosphere, and everything in between.

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