Ready for launch

The same loveable hybrid beast that’s shaken up the synth world, retrofitted for out-of-this-world sound exploration.

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A starbound new look

MicroFreak Stellar doesn’t just feature a slick new black exterior;

the entire interface is dotted with unique space-age graphics inspired by its controls, from the ADSR rocket launch to the filter resonance UFO - giving this already-loveable synth even more unique character!

Voices from outer space

What if we told you that you could get virtual analog, wavetable, FM, vocoder sounds and beyond in a single synth?

Algorithms from Mutable Instruments and Noise Engineering in a desktop keyboard? Even sampling and granular engines with a free firmware update?

MicroFreak Stellar & the V5 firmware update brings 21 different oscillator modes to the table, so you can go bigger, deeper, and weirder with your sound than ever before.

  • Vocoder
  • Noise
  • Superwave
  • Harmo
  • Karplus Str.
  • Wavetable
  • BasicWaves
  • V.Analog
  • Waveshaper
  • Two Op. FM
  • Formant
  • Chords
  • Speech
  • Modal
  • SawX
  • Harm
  • Bass
  • Sample
  • Hit Grains
  • Scan Grains
  • Cloud Grains

A Hands-on Experience

Explore microfreak-stellar’s layout, controls, and secret sonic weapons in detail, from the one-knob Modulation Matrix to the multi-functional touch strips.

The Freak within

MicroFreak Stellar features the same inspiring, bonkers sound but embellished with a unique space-age design.

Beneath its space-age exterior, you’ll find sparkling digital and wavetable oscillators collide with a velvety analog filter. A unique poly-aftertouch PCB keyboard combines with a distinctly freaky arpeggiator & sequencer. Bathe your mix in sonic hysterics with the erratic mod matrix or the unique Spice & Dice randomizers. MicroFreak is out to break the rules. It's an unpredictable instrument for the adventurous. An adrenaline rush for the thrill-seeking musician. A mind-bending tool that dares you to stray from the path and think differently. Freak out.

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