The genesis

It all started when two engineering students, Frédéric Brun and Gilles Pommereuil, met at the INPG, Grenoble Institute of Technology, in France. Both were part of the University Symphony Orchestra, as violinist and conductor respectively.

Frédéric and Gilles shared a vision; that technology could open the world of music creation to everyone.

They saw music and sound as a universe full of creative possibilities, waiting to be explored. So they set off in pursuit of inspiration, founding Arturia in Grenoble in 1999.

“We wanted to use technology as an opportunity to create simple and accessible products for music production.”

The first steps into music exploration

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Music production made easy

Arturia’s heritage over the last twenty years has been to provide the best vintage sound combined with modern production capabilities.

We’ve worked to design instruments and effects which both inspire and simplify creativity. We’ve patented new technologies and partnered with world-class sound designers to create a library of thousands of sounds for music makers to explore and employ.

Now our expansive product range spans everything from playful MIDI controllers, to semi-modular monster synthesizers, to all-encompassing studio interfaces.

An all-encompassing line-up committed to enabling musicians, producers, composers, and creators of all persuasions to make the best music they can make, with the professional quality they deserve.

Now we're more driven than ever in our pursuit of the ultimate music-making experience.

The Sound Explorers

At Arturia we think of music as a universe made for exploration, where technology allows everyone to explore the world of music creation.

Our role is to offer the most intuitive musical experiences -

To aid you on your creative journey -

So you can aim beyond your horizons -

And discover your own sound -

We are all united by the same passion -

We are all on a creative journey of our own -

Musicians, producers, engineers, performers, enthusiasts -

“We are the Sound Explorers.“

Explore our ranges

We blaze the trails of your musical journey

We want to offer the most intuitive music-making experiences helping everyone explore and create their own sound.

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Discover the Team

Meet the people

From the beginning, Arturia has been committed to offering the highest quality products, affordable and simple solutions, and the best experiences for users. Arturia is organized into a number of key departments, with teams of passionate, creative, and forward-thinking individuals, working in harmony to achieve the excellence that sound explorers deserve.

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