It all started when two engineering students, Frédéric Brun and Gilles Pommereuil, met at the INPG, Grenoble Institute of Technology, in France. Both were part of the University Symphony Orchestra, as violinist and conductor respectively.

Frédéric and Gilles shared a vision; that technology could open the world of music creation to everyone.

They saw music and sound as a universe full of creative possibilities, waiting to be explored. So they set off in pursuit of inspiration, founding Arturia in Grenoble in 1999.

“We wanted to use technology as an opportunity to create simple and accessible products for music production.”

Frederic Brun

While Arturia debuted as a software company, the temptation to venture into hardware grew around 2004/2005.

"Musicians were still hesitant to take computers on stage at that time, and many were coming to us, requesting hardware instruments that would embed our algorithms known as TAE®."

Gilles Pommereuil

This is how our first ambitious hardware synthesizer, Origin, was born - allowing users to combine elements of our classic synth emulations in their own configuration.

In the years that followed, it was clear that there was increasing demand for more hands-on hardware, more comprehensive software, and better harmony between them.

Meeting the challenge on all fronts, releases like the tactile Brutes, the streamlined Analog Lab software, and the articulate KeyLabs catered to creatives across the spectrum.

Arturia is now in a strategic position between hardware and software, offering new ways to learn, create, and play, empowering musicians and allowing them to seamlessly move from one to the other. This balance was, and remains, a cornerstone of our strategy.

The first steps
into music exploration

  • Storm

    Unveiled in 2000, our first product, Storm, offered accessible end-to-end music production on your home computer. Storm’s success proved to Frédéric and Gilles that there was a demand for playful, intelligent, authentic musical solutions.

  • Modular V

    In 2003, we had the honor of working with Dr. Robert Moog on Modular V, a circuit-accurate virtual recreation of his legendary modular synthesizer. This product was the first in a series of software recreations of classic keyboards that gave birth to the V Collection.

  • Origin

    In 2009, Arturia introduced Origin, an ambitious hardware synthesizer. At the time, it was dubbed ‘the Frankensynth’, ‘the holy grail of all synths’, and ‘the most advanced synthesizer ever’, due to its uniquely customizable combination of modules from past and present.

  • The Analog Experience

    As the precursor to the Lab range, The Analog Experience represented ground-breaking integration between hardware and software. Combining a dedicated keyboard controller with a fluid software instrument packed with thousands of presets, it offered users unprecedented speed and accessibility in their creative flow.

  • MiniBrute

    In 2012, we took a bold step into the world of analog by introducing the world to a compact all-in-one synthesizer that kickstarted an analog rebirth: MiniBrute.

  • The Step Range

    In 2014 we set out to change the sequencing game with BeatStep, a compact controller offering instant step-sequencing, tactile controls, and MIDI/ CV connectivity for any device. This would later expand into the dynamic Step range, featuring KeyStep, KeyStep Pro, and more - each designed to make sequencing easy, accessible, and enjoyable.

  • AudioFuse

    In 2015, AudioFuse was brought to market and marked Arturia’s entry into the professional audio world. Offering a different approach to audio interfacing, AudioFuse brought unchallenged connectivity and features, along with superior quality in a neat format, our first next-generation audio interface.

  • Software FX

    2016 saw the release of our first FX plugin, Filter MINI, based on the iconic Model D ladder filter. In the years that followed, dozens more FX were released, including compressors, delays, preamps, and beyond, all brought to life with our exclusive TAE® technology. This culminated in 2020's FX Collection, an all-in-one suite of our production plugins.

  • Pigments

    Arturia's first entirely original software synthesizer, Pigments united powerful sound design architecture with an ultra-smooth creative flow. The result was a unique 21st Century instrument unlike anything else, that would continue to evolve exponentially, offering an unparalleled spectrum of sound for producers.

  • MicroFreak

    At NAMM 2019, we introduced MicroFreak, our first-ever hybrid digital and analog hardware synthesizer. Combining the best of both worlds, MicroFreak features a multi-mode oscillator with an Oberheim® SEM-inspired analog filter, alongside a slew of creative sequencing and modulation functions. A synthesizer like no other, it’s designed to empower experimentation and reward the curious musician.

  • PolyBrute

    In 2020, PolyBrute landed. The new flagship of the range, it represented our most powerful hardware instrument yet, fusing 6 analog Brute voices with digital Matrix precision, tactile multi-dimensional expression features, and a mix-ready stereo sound that has to be heard to be believed. Designed for fearless performance, fluid composition, and infinite sound exploration, PolyBrute ushered in a new era of polyphonic prowess.

  • Minifuse

    Combining the innovation of the Fuse interfaces with compact accessibility, the entry-level MiniFuse range was launched in 2021. Easy connectivity, powerful software, and a user-friendly design made recording effortless for any sound explorer, from singer-songwriters to podcasters.

Music production
made easy

Arturia’s heritage over the last twenty years has been to provide the best vintage sound combined with modern production capabilities.

We’ve worked to design instruments and effects which both inspire and simplify creativity. We’ve patented new technologies and partnered with world-class sound designers to create a library of thousands of sounds for music makers to explore and employ.

Now our expansive product range spans everything from playful MIDI controllers, to semi-modular monster synthesizers, to all-encompassing studio interfaces.

An all-encompassing line-up committed to enabling musicians, producers, composers, and creators of all persuasions to make the best music they can make, with the professional quality they deserve.

Now we're more driven than ever in our pursuit of the ultimate music-making experience.

The Sound

At Arturia we think of music as a universe made for exploration, where technology allows everyone to explore the world of music creation.

Our role is to offer the most intuitive musical experiences -

To aid you on your creative journey -

So you can aim beyond your horizons -

And discover your own sound -

We are all united by the same passion -

We are all on a creative journey of our own -

Musicians, producers, engineers, performers, enthusiasts -

“We are the Sound Explorers.“

Explore our ranges

We blaze the trails of
your musical journey

We want to offer the most intuitive music-making experiences helping everyone explore and create their own sound.

Human centered engineering

Creating intuitive music-making experience is our ‘raison d’être’. We use all the knowledge of our passionate engineers to keep our product grounded, easy and practical. Driven by the same spirit as our users, all our products are engineered with a human-centric approach.

Sound excellence

From the very beginning of our history we aimed to recreate the most iconic sounds in the purest way. We tirelessly strive to offer our users the best-in-class products. Dedicated to our mission, we strongly believe that sound is a matter of excellence.

Playful experiences

Play is at the heart of who we are and what we do. Music is about the joy of exploring and we try every day to make the journey as playful as the destination. Because we believe music creation is and must continue to be for everyone.

Empowering creativity

We work hard to bring you faithful and innovative instruments that will spark your creativity. We refuse the status quo and commoditization. We are audacious pioneers, we are bold inventors and we dare to create breakthrough music experiences.

the Team

Meet the people

From the beginning, Arturia has been committed to offering the highest quality products, affordable and simple solutions, and the best experiences for users. Arturia is organized into a number of key departments, with teams of passionate, creative, and forward-thinking individuals, working in harmony to achieve the excellence that sound explorers deserve.

Meet the team