The Teams

From the beginning, Arturia has been committed to offering the highest quality products, affordable and simple solutions, and the best experiences for users.

The company has seen huge growth over the years, enabling us to take risks, to tread new paths, and to advance innovations ever-further with our technology.

Arturia is composed of passionate, creative, and forward-thinking individuals, working in harmony to achieve the excellence that sound explorers deserve.

the people

It all starts with our Product Management team, who use their extensive knowledge of music trends, instruments, and users to imagine products that inspire and empower.

Our R&D teams, composed of highly qualified engineers, transform the product concepts into real-life hardware and software solutions, pushing the envelope of how technology can serve creativity. These teams combine a passion for music and years of expertise to make Arturia products a reality, from hardware ergonomics and industrialization to industry-leading DSP engineering.

Our Sound Design team, working closely with our Product Management team, designs the most curious and refreshing sounds, pushing the potential of each product, and opening doors to enhanced creativity.

To meet the ever-increasing expectations of today’s music makers and audio professionals, our Quality Assurance team ensures absolute attention to detail when it comes to Arturia product quality, offering a top-tier experience for our users.

Ultimately, the Arturia experience would not be complete if they weren’t accompanied by great service. Our Customer Service representatives are always on hand to find the best product for you, to answer your questions, and offer tailored advice at every step of your musical journey.

The Arturia family continues beyond creating products to deliver on the company’s promises. From Marketing to Sales, from HR to Finance, from IT to Logistics, everyone works as one to make our customers happy.

I'm Aurore, I am a Method and Test engineer at Arturia. I have been working on Polybrute tests for over a year.

For this product, we have chosen an exhaustive test, i.e. all PCBA and all controls (knobs, switches, led) are tested individually.

Each unit and its parts are being tested for around 4 hours, including more than 6500 validations. We ensure daily monitoring to be sure that everything is done according to the rules of the art.”

The Arturia family continues beyond creating products to deliver on the company’s promises. From Marketing to Sales, from HR to Finance, from IT to Logistics, everyone works as one to make our customers happy.

Olivier Delhomme

Firmware engineer

I’ve worked as a firmware engineer for Arturia since 2015. My job consists of #programming microcontrollers embedded in our hardware products and infusing them with #soul.Ive participated in several projects, from the KeyStep to the mighty PolyBrute, the KeyLab range, and the MiniBrute 2/2S. I also got the chance to be a #project manager for MicroFreak, an intense project embraced by a wonderful team.Were proud of its success and the users thrill gives us is the best #reward you could hope for as an Arturia employee.

Pierre Pfister

Product Manager

I arrived at ARTURIA 5 years ago as a Software Developer. I’ve contributed to almost all the instruments of V Collection, and have always focused on the user interfaces and on the keyboard sounds. Since the beginning, I’ve been #involved in product design and specifications but I’ve now become a full-time Product Manager on the KeyLabs and on Analog Lab.Deep inside I still love software development, but I am #grateful that I have learned so much from musicians in the last few months. Being in close contact with end users and making sure our products fit their needs is very exciting. I feel blessed to play such a crucial part in Arturia’s #evolution, and I can’t wait to get more products out there.

Alejandro Rodriguez

After Sales Manager

One of the things that I love the most is #learning about our products and being #connected to many other departments. You get to meet very interesting people and learn a lot from them!Personally, I think that my International experience helps me to understand my teams and users needs better, as well as to better #communicate with our repair centers and factories.I am Spanish and was living and working in Germany prior to my arrival at the company. At ARTURIA, we have an international team of people from different parts of the world. Fitting into the team is easy since most people here share a common passion for music and electronic equipment.As a user of the Arturia brand, I really wanted to join the company, be part of this team and discover the intricacies of a synthesizer manufacturer. I feel very lucky to have been given the chance to join Arturia.

Marie Pauli

Software Engineer

I joined Arturia as a software #developer almost three years ago. In that time, Ive worked on several projects such as the Synclavier V2, CZ V, and more recently Analog Lab Pro, as well as the global improvement on the V Collection.I feel strongly that Im able to #evolve in my job. For V Collection 8, I was project manager for the Jup-8 V4, which in my opinion is a great success, and that was made possible thanks to a great team.Like many Arturians, I am #passionate about music and it is very motivating and #rewarding to be able to work on products that I really care about. I feel we all share this #dedication towards making great products, keeping on improving, and being innovative. I am honored to work with such talented and nice people who for some have become my friends.We are a fantastic team and I cant wait to see what well do next

Aline Terrein

Sales & Marketing Manager, LATAM

I joined ARTURIA 9 months ago with a big mission to take over Sales & Marketing for LATAM. I started getting a better understanding of our products and lost the fear of doing some presentations of Arturia’s hardware and software for LATAM’s users.I really enjoy to be able to share my passion for music with colleagues and clients, and that we are, in some way, helping more and more people make music. I have the huge opportunity to work on something that I love, which keeps me inspired and always eager to learn more. And I feel very lucky to be working with such a dynamic and talented team.”

Sylvain Missemer

Sales & Marketing Manager

I joined Arturia in 2014, to handle the Latin America Area. I built a great team in Mexico for support and after-sales, and I just moved to Hong-Kong in 2021 to open and handle the Asia-Pacific office.I feel very lucky to be part of an amazing team. Arturia is a company on a human scale but with global ambitions. I share so many passions for technology and music instruments with my colleagues, our distributors, with the users, producers and musicians. From the beginning of a project, to the product presentation, Im proud to see how our instruments are created, from ideas, feedback, and how they are used in real life.Sharing our story and our innovative instruments during events, workshops and demos is a moment I really appreciate, I can talk about all the love and effort the team put into an instrument. And the enthusiasm of the users is our fuel to continue with this journey. Our products are also built from feedback we have during tours all over the world, and being in touch with so many different great cultures and artists give me energy to move forward.I check the new product roadmap and I see we will have busy months (again), but so excited products.

Guillaume Mathonnet

Lead Tech Support

I started working for Arturia 5 years ago as a Tech Support technician, #helping users who would face difficulties while learning about our tools and products, communication protocols, midi controllers, and more! I am now Lead Tech Support, which implies some new responsibilities. I’m really proud to work for such an #innovative (French ;-)) company with really kind and #passionate people loving music, instruments, and technology.I am doing my best to always provide the best #customer service experience, help other support agents, colleagues, musicians, and artists who need it. Of course, I also love working and playing with our amazing products!

Morgan Perrier

Creative Director

I've worked at Arturia since 2007, and it's been quite a #journey. I started working here as an intern, then was hired as a graphic designer, and grew step by step into the role of Creative Director, managing people inside and outside the company. Our job in the graphic design team is to manage and give life to anything that holds the visual #identity of the Arturia brand: the website, packaging, banners, 3D instrument renders, and so on. This work has been constant, since the company has scaled rapidly over the years, and new projects are emerging every day. I'm glad I was able to witness the company's #evolution and I can't wait to see what the future holds!

Mauro Giuseppe de Bari

DSP Engineer

I moved recently from Italy to join Arturia HQ in Grenoble, but I feel at home here. Every day I can talk with Danish, Spanish, English, French, Mexican or Italian people, to share ideas in an open-minded #collaborative environment. As a musician and engineer, I always had the dream to work in a music-tech company and Arturia always fascinated me because of its products and work #culture. Being a DSP engineer gives the possibility to discover the strict correlation between music and math. I like to study and apply the mathematical tools to provide the best quality audio algorithms; for instance, now I am working to improve some filters’ algorithms.

Zoi Tsaliki

IT Technician

The things I do as an IT technician at ARTURIA vary, but my main duty is to keep the IT infrastructure running #smoothly. I'm in contact with my fellow employees across every Arturia team on a daily basis to assess their needs and find #solutions to the best of my ability. The nature of the role means I'm always developing my skills, #learning new things, and striving to be a better member of my team. The IT team is great to be a part of, we always try to help each other and stay #connected even when we’re part of different projects. We have our individual strengths but our collaboration and passion for music brings us together.

Fanny Roche, PhD

DSP & ML Engineer

I worked on the Bus FORCE, in particular on the saturation module that was inspired by the well-known Overstayer distortion. My job was to recreate the true analog grain of these four different distortion modes. It was really challenging to find the most efficient solution to get the best audio quality while limiting the CPU consumption to a minimum, but I really enjoyed working on such an interesting and complex product. Plus, as a guitar player, I had fun with the different grains that distortion can bring to the sound.

Kevin Arcas, PhD

DSP Engineer

I worked on the Flanger BL-20, the Chorus Dimension-D, the Chorus JUN-6, and the Bus FORCE. I enjoyed recreating iconic pieces of hardware that have had a major impact on popular music, and I’m happy these incredible FX recreations are now so accessible to people who want to work with them. As an amateur musician, I love using these audio effects to shape the sound of my instruments.

Manuel Russello

IT Engineer

I’ve been part of the Arturia family for more than two years now, as an #IT Engineer. I'm developing and maintaining parts of the back-end code, administering some components of the information system, and creating ways to automate their deployment. What I love about working within the IT team is that we’re constantly in touch with all the Arturia teams, be it for IT support for somebody new or discussing the latest upgrades and features we need to implement in our architecture with our firmware and software engineers. I am also very proud to be working on the #foundations that help products be #delivered in the best way for our users. As a bonus, working amidst a lot of great #musicians, being able to discuss composition, and meeting them outside for a couple of jam sessions is the best.

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