Polychrome software synthesizer

Pigments is a software VST with the power to create any sound, from the best mix-ready modern presets to deep custom sound design. Explore every shade of synthesis and make your wildest sonic fantasy a full-color reality, whatever your style.

Bridging the gap
between mind and matter

A revolution in modern synthesis, Pigments’ approach to sound design is as intricate as it is accessible. Craft epic, high-resolution, surgically-precise and hard-hitting sounds with an all-encompassing interface, tailor-made for forward-thinking producers.

Limitless sound design

A powerful end-to-end software synthesizer, Pigments makes it easier than ever to explore an infinite spectrum of sound. Four forms of synthesis, 1500 + sounds, one-click modulation & sequencing, immediately expressive macros & FX - all instantly gratifying to use.

Vibrant and intuitive workflow

Visualize and refine your sound in style with an interface that matches your creative flow. Whether honing a composition in the Play View, tuning a color-coded modulation or seeing a patch or preset come alive with dynamic visualization - Pigments invites play and supports process.

On the pulse

Pigments’ sonic powers truly shine at the forefront of contemporary music production. Its vast and clear-cut sounds are no stranger to world’s leading electronic genres - from trap, bass music and EDM to house, electro, lo-fi, electronica, cinematic sounds and beyond.

Make it your own

Personalize Pigments to suit your setup and create your own sounds with custom appearance, play modes, audio routing, preset playlists, external sound sources and more.

What’s new
in Pigments 5?

Reduced CPU consumption

Pigments now utilizes multi-core processing for greater CPU efficiency, allowing more users to explore this powerful softsynth with ease.

Melodize any sound in 1 click

Explore the new generative sequencer, featuring one-click sequence generation and new play modes, as well as saveable presets and sequence browsing. Make use of the sequencer lock to apply your sequence settings to any sound.

Process any audio with Pigments

You can now process external audio in Pigments from the Utility engine, by routing the sound to the instrument through the track sidechain input. Additional FX routing options have also been integrated.

Greater synthesis

Discover a selection of new wavetables and samples in Pigments 5, offering more ways than ever to craft your sound

Compose in style

Pigments' refreshed interface includes an improved play view, with new visualisers and other UX enhancements.

New Factory Library and Expansions

Enjoy a selection of 100 new factory presets alongside 3 new preset expansions, showcasing a range of bold, colorful and expansive sounds that Pigments is renowned for.

No better place
for modern music production

From the most futuristic electronic music to innovative beatmaking, Pigments is a radical solution to modern synthesis able to produce infinite shades of sound, from the impactful to the pearlescent - now with more sounds than ever to get started.

Solar Particles

Matt Pike

A deep mysterious sci-fi cue that centres around the Black Hole and Slur of Tines presets.


Victor Morello

Half cinematic, half electronica and with a hint of pop music.


Rob Martland

Demo track for Pop Transcendence by Rob Martland.


The Solos

A rich soundscape based on the Expressive Explorations expansion for Pigments.

Liquid Pigments


A punchy, dynamic liquid drum and bass track showcasing the Liquid Explorations expansion for Pigments.

Ambi Zen


An ambient beats track showcasing the presets from the Beats Explorations expansion for Pigments.


Victor Morello

The explosive, massively emotional Pigments 5.0 trailer music by Victor Morello.

Cold Jan

Victor Morello

Deep dubstep track using several bass and mid bass layers from the Pigments 5 Factory bank. Additional processing was made using the Dist COLDFIRE FX plugin.

Bring Me Back


A dynamic and colorful dance track by French producer PLEEG, showcasing Pigments 5 Factory presets.

Advanced synthesis
made easy

Discover uncharted depths and melodic heights with more ways than ever to design, sculpt, modulate and arpeggiate your sound. With an intuitive, color-coded design, Pigments takes the intricate details of sound creation and makes them instantly accessible, enjoyable, and yours to explore.

Multiple synthesis types

Pigments puts you in control of 4 powerful sound engine types: Sample & Granular, Wavetable, Harmonic and Virtual analog. Combine any pairing of these engines with an additional Utility oscillator, sampled noise and your own sounds for a near-infinite synthesis palette.

Color-coded design

Never lose track of your changes and modulation with Pigments’ intelligent color-coding - designed to support your workflow and make patch alteration both memorable and effortless.

Generative sequencing & arpeggiator

Pigments doesn’t just make amazing synth sounds - it makes music. Weave beautiful melodies, create evolving stepped modulations, and animate your whole sound with a simple yet powerful sequencing and arpeggiation engine that keeps your sound moving.

Advanced effect processing

Add the finishing touches or send your patches into sonic orbit with a vast yet accessible array of filtering and FX options. Combine or collide dual filters with a selection of classic & modern modes, and sprinkle endless color into any sound with studio-grade FX, from shimmering reverbs to wild distortions.

Drag & drop modulation

Unleash, mutate, and elevate your sound until it’s entirely your own with instant drag-and-drop modulation. Create novel pathways between engines, filters and FX for uniquely experimental audio manipulation.

Midi Polyphonic Expression

Pigments’ pairs seamlessly with MPE controllers that allow for more expressive and nuanced control over multiple parameters as you play. Discover new realms of expressivity with Pigments MPE-compatible library.

Your blank
sonic canvas

Pigments versatile sound making capabilities mean that only your imagination is the limit - from bright nylon-like plucks and epic leads, to dark and denatured bass and deep cinematic soundscapes.



Huge neuro bass with a DnB drum loop.

Folding Kick

Create sledgehammer kicks and basslines with Pigments' latest wavetables and some heavy wavefolding.



A dense pluck lead sound with extra long reverb, using the Shimmer Reverb's feedback.

Xmod Round Robin Hood

A cute chord sequence, with a subtly detuned keys sound that moves from glitchy to trance-like.

Pads & Strings

Ultrasaw String

A classic ultrasaw patch, fattened up with a touch of the Super Unison effect.

Hold And Rise Up

A deep, slow pad using a combination of analog warmth and rich wavetable harmonics for a chill texture.



A psytrance sequence that dances with randomized control over frequency modulation.

Introspective Mantra

Auto-generated meditation mantra uses stock Tanpura and Harpsichord samples with the Sample Engine's granular and pitch quantization features, a modulated Comb filter, and Shimmer Reverb.


Starting Chord

A stab sample played with rhythmically sequenced granular processing, accompanied by a soft pad.

Krog Keys

Sad, rusty keys made with the resonant MS-20 filter, perfect for trap beatmaking.



Massive cinematic atmosphere with the Comb Filter, using macro controls for extra tension and expression.

Golem Spell

Video game voices transformed with granular, with mysterious pad atmosphere in the background.

sound design

There can be a lot to take-in when learning a new instrument, therefore Pigments has been designed to make your sound design effortless and intuitive, whether you are a synthesis pro or just starting out. Explore the all-encompassing sonic capabilities of pigments, step-by-step.

Learn more about the signal chain and hear each engine, filter and FX in action over at the Details page.

Additional modes tabs

Choose between 3 engine slots and 4 methods of sound generation to suit your every need: Pigments harnesses the combinatory power of Sample & Granular, Wavetable, Harmonic and Virtual Analog synthesis, alongside a Utility engine which provides additional oscillators and sampled noise. Don’t forget, you can process external audio too.

Attenuate and shape your sound with 2 filter slots and 11 filter types, from legendary analog self-oscillating ladders to bleeding-edge modern options like surgeon, formant, and comb.

Adjust expressivity settings and more with the keyboard panel: providing an accessible on-screen MIDI keyboard to audition your sounds, as well as giving visual feedback on what Pigments is receiving from your controller or DAW.

Infinitely calibrate and customize your sound in any direction with the colorful modulation bar which shows your modulations in action, alongside 6 corresponding tabs for each source. Tweak and link practically any parameter, with no limit on the number of connections.

Make big tonal tweaks with minimal effort with 4 intuitive macros, each one affecting multiple parameters. Assign your own parameters, rename your macros, and get hands-on with your expressive sound design.

Add those finishing touches with studio-grade FX. Pigments’ offers 18 FX types with twin insert buses and a send bus - each one letting you choose and combine any 3 of the premium effects to create a truly refined, mix-ready sound.

Pigments features a fully-fledged generative sequencer. Create evolving stepped modulations in one click, browse and save sequencer presets, and animate your whole sound with a simple yet powerful sequencing and arpeggiation engine.

Take a step back and enjoy a simplified overview of your entire sound, with stripped-back modules and hands-on macros. Or, illuminate Pigments entire GUI with a higher-contrast look, great for lighter DAW workflows or keeping your eyes focused during those late night sessions.

The sound

Curate your own library of sounds to suit your style with hundreds of sound banks, updated monthly, crafted by world-renowned producers, artists, and sound designers. Explore sounds directly in Pigments’ preset browser or the online store and create a sound library that works for you.

Explorations is the latest addition, comprising 3 new soul-stirring sound banks to inspire your creativity. Push the boundaries of keyboard expressivity with Expressive Explorations, which has been designed with MIDI Polyphonic Expression in-mind.

Beats Explorations


Experimental trap textures

150 Presets


Expressive Explorations


Dynamically responsive spectral sound (MPE)

150 Presets


Liquid Explorations


Ethereal uptempo edge

150 Presets

Drum & Bass
Classic Pop



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    “Pigments 4 update enhances nearly every aspect of the soft synth”

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    “Pigments 4 is going to change the way you make music.”

  • Engadget

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    “Shimmer reverb, drag and drop UI elements and 'light mode' are the latest free updates to the super synth.”

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    “Pigments 4 : a very impressive update offering some great new features, but also overall tweaks that makes the entire engine even more capable and workflow at the same time easier. Big like for this update.”

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    “The ultimate plugin”

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    “Pigments 4 is an absolutely essential tool in any sound designers box.”

  • Gearspace

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    “Pigments could be my ‘desert island’ virtual instrument, with about every kind of sampler and synth mode one could ask for, extensive modulation routing, excellent FX, and a sequencer/arpeggiator to boot.”

  • Audio Technology

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    “This instrument is paradise for those who love geeking out in the process of crafting unique sound.”

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    “Pigments is a very powerful and unique soft synth created by Arturia who, we have to say, are masters of their game.”

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    “It’s an entirely original virtual synthesizer with an unusual and compelling sound, a wonderful slate of great features, and a user interface that’s as easy to navigate as it is, well, colorful”

  • Sound On Sound

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    “Pigments is an absolute pleasure to use and never feels confusing or intimidating thanks to its excellent interface. Yet there is still enough depth and thoughtful, musical features to keep the most demanding sound designer happy. Hatts off to Arturia - I hope they will continue to develop software of their own design. (...) A pleasure to use thanks to its excellent design and graphical interface.”

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    “Pigments 5 continues to set the standard for sonic excellence, opening doors to limitless possibilities in music production and sound design.”

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    “Pigments is a deep instrument perfect for sound designers and producers alike.”

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    “Impressive capabilities!”

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    “Pigments is a great synth for complex evolving sounds (...) And, this is a very fun instrument to play (...) If you’re into synths, you’ll really want to check this one out for sure. Hats off to Arturia for successfully expanding into a new instrument category (...) Pigments takes Wavetable synths to a new, more refined and mature level than any other implementation I’ve seen to date.”

  • Electronic Musician

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    “There's a lot going on in this latest synth powerhouse. (...) a surprisingly adept emulation machine (...) excellent controllable randomization tools.”

  • Sound Bytes Mag

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    “Pigments is yet another winner in their lineup of synth plugins. I really can’t think of anything I’d like added to it. (...) It is very easy to use, the layout of controls in the display seem well thought out, and best of all it just sounds great.”

Toutes les fonctionnalités
dont vous avez besoin

  • In-App Tutorials

    Integrated in-app tutorials guide you through every aspect of the instrument, from individual parameters to tips from our sound designers, so you can focus on the creative stuff. It shouldn't be this easy, but it is!

  • ASC

    Arturia Software Center lets you download, organize, and update all of your Arturia software titles in one place, as well as manage all of your licenses across multiple devices. Keep it simple.

  • DAW ready

    Our virtual instruments and plugins are designed to fit right into your setup without hassle. Whatever your style, you can explore sound while enjoying full compatibility with major DAWS, on both Windows and MacOS.

  • Preset browser

    Instantly find the sound that’s in your head with intelligent & streamlined preset browsing. Search with keywords, explore by instrument type, musical style, and more - you can even save your favorites to quickly recall later.

  • Resizable GUI

    Whether you want the full visual immersion of our classic instrument emulations, or to save precious screen real estate, the interfaces for all of your Arturia virtual instruments can be resized to a scale that suits you.

  • Perfect integration

    Instruments come seamlessly mapped for the Arturia KeyLab range - but they’ll place nice with other MIDI controllers too. Instant sound tweaking macros, easy DAW integration, and standalone operation.



Two engines in parallel

  • Virtual Analog triple-osc engine
  • Complex Wavetable engine
  • Sample and Granular engine
  • Harmonic Oscillator additive engine
  • Includes Engine Crossmod

Utility Engine

  • 5-shape Virtual Analog Oscillator
  • 2 Sample-based Noise Engines
  • External audio input

Two filters

  • Classic filter types from V Collection instruments
  • Modern filter types
  • Continuous series/parallel routing

Powerful FX section

  • 2 Insert buses, 1 Send bus, 3 FX per bus
  • Modulable parameters
  • 18 algorithms including Shimmer Reverb, MultiBand Compressor, Chorus JUN-6, and more.

Advanced modulation system

  • Color-coded workflow
  • Drag-and-drop assign, hover-over adjustment
  • Envelopes, LFOs, Function generators, Random src, and more
  • 4 dynamic, assignable Macro controls

Visual interface

  • Graphical representation of the most important modules
  • Simplified Play Mode
  • Dark or Light themes

Polyrhythmic Sequencer and Arpeggiator

  • Create complex, custom and evolving sequences/arps
  • Advanced random sequence generator
  • Sequencer lock & browser

Extensive library of 1500 presets

MTS-ESP microtuning compatibility

MPE compatibility

NKS controller compatible

Platform specifications


  • Win 10+ (64bit)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4 cores CPU, 3.4 GHz (4.0 GHz Turbo-boost)
  • 3GB free hard disk space
  • OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU
  • ARM processors not supported on Windows

Required configuration

  • Works in Standalone, VST, AAX, Audio Unit, NKS (64-bit DAWs only).


  • Mac OS 11+
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4 cores CPU, 3.4 GHz (4.0 GHz Turbo-boost) or M1 CPU
  • 3GB free hard disk space
  • OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU

Work with ASC

  • An elegant and simple solution to help you install, activate, and update your Arturia software instruments.

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*NKS ready