SQ80 V


1. Download & install the Arturia Software Center

The Arturia Software Center (aka ASC) lets you activate, install and update your Arturia virtual instruments on your computers.

It will let you access the software you own as well as demos of the other titles in the Arturia catalog.

2. Log into the Arturia Software Center

Enter the same email address and password as for your My Arturia account.
You will then be able to find your Product License on the main panel.

If you don’t have a My Arturia account, click on create account and follow the process to create one.

If you're using an offline computer, please follow the process described in this article

If you have purchased your software license on the Arturia website, it has been automatically registered into your account. Otherwise click on the button “Register a new product” on top of the main window.

3. Install and Activate your product through the ASC

Look for your product in the list and click on the “Install” button to launch the silent installation process.

You will be asked to define the destination folders on the first time.
Your product will remain in demo mode until it is activated.
To do so click on the “Activate” button. Your brand new effect will now be activated.

You are now able to use it without restriction on up to 5 different computers simultaneously. To do that, repeat this operation on your other computers.

SQ80 VTutorials

Tutorial | SQ80 V

In this video, product specialist Charlie talks you through the history of the iconic synth, its main features, Arturia original enhancements, and takes you on a ride of the SQ80 V waves with sound demonstrations.

Honorable C.N.O.T.E meets SQ80 V

Carlton Mays, Jr., also known as Honorable C.N.O.T.E., is a hip-hop songwriter and record producer. He has produced for the likes of Gucci Mane, Lil Bibby, Migos, Flo Rida, Ne-Yo and more. Find out how he uses SQ80 V in his studio.

Bill Mauchly & John Senior | Ensoniq meets SQ80 V

With SQ80 V, we wanted to resurrect this hybrid icon in all its former glory and more. We had the privilege of spending a day with two of the original engineers on the project, Bill Mauchly and John Senior, exploring their inspirations, the limitations of technology, and their insight into the process of designing a classic.

Installers & Manuals

SQ80 V

SQ80 V



SQ80 V JP Manual

Sep 30, 2021

13.88 MB


SQ80 V FR Manual

Sep 30, 2021

13.23 MB


SQ80 V ES Manual

Sep 30, 2021

13.23 MB


SQ80 V EN Manual

Sep 30, 2021

13.21 MB


SQ80 V DE Manual

Sep 30, 2021

13.25 MB






May 22, 2024

336.41 MB

Win 10+


May 22, 2024

184.57 MB


  • Arturia presents SQ80-V

80 Squares


80 Squares brings us back a good twenty years as it is heavily influenced by some key artists in the techno and house scene that we listened to a lot in early 2000. The SQ80 V delivers the ingredients for the track perfectly, as this synth was used a lot in the scene.

87 Summer Sunset

Maxime Audfray

A retro synthwave track with a lot of 80's action, showcasing the ability of the SQ80 V to trigger strong nostalgia response from the VHS era. All sounds present in this demo (even the drums!) are from the SQ80 V, with only a little bit of EQ and compression.

Planete X

Maxime Desormieres

Spatial/Melancholic Trap beat. All the melody except the drums and 808 are coming from the SQ80 V. I played with the «Detune» and «glide» option to get an old, organic type of sound. Some of the patches are custom but I used mostly the factory presets.

SQ Acid

Maxime Dangles

A colorful acid house track, with lots of energy and a little mystery. No external effects were used.


Lily Jordy

A lofty, raw and mysterious IDM track using only 6 instances of the SQ80 V from the new Factory library. Automations made using macros and internal FX.

SQ Dreams

Jean-Michel Blanchet

A lofty evolutive piece using different layers of ambient sounds in the SQ80 V Factory. No external effects were used in the making of this demo.

To The Floor

Leonard De Leonard

A straight to the point techno piece that starts off with a bang (and ends with one too). No external effects were used in the making of this demo.

Train Fantome

Maxime Desormieres

Dark Trap/Drill beat, with layers of SQ80 V’s patches. Same MIDI used for all the melody parts, mostly keys and pads. There is a custom 808 with slides and drums to match with it.



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