Tutorial | Jun-6 V

Bryan will take you through the Jun-6V, a sweet sounding polyphonic software synthesizer, recreation of a true classic. He will take you through its best features, but also demonstrate its sound possibilities and tricks you can utilise in your production.

Downloads & manuals for Jun-6 V

Platform Name Date Size Version Infos Download
 10.13+ New  Jun-6 09-Dec-2020 185.9 Mb  
 Win 8.1+ New  Jun-6 09-Dec-2020 121.3 Mb  
Manual Date Size Version Infos Download
  New  Jun-6 V EN Manual 08-Dec-2020 19.7 Mb 1.0

Sound Corner

Ride The Train (Maxime Audfray)

An homage to the golden era of the analog synth funk of 1982, which use 15 instance of the Jun-6 V. Appart from eq and compression, all the effects come from the Jun-6 V. The drums come from early sample based drum machines.

Dub Juno (JM Blanchet)

An Ambient dub track using 7 instances of the Jun-6V and some external drums sounds and effects for the dub mix. (Arturia Spring reverb and Tape delay + Mutron Phaser)

Goddess Strikes Back (Michael Geyre)

80’s mood brought back thanks to Juno's unique personality. Aside from the drums section, everything was made using the Jun-6V (even the "heartbeat" percussion).

Mr Sprinkles Fingers (Simon Gallifet)

Classic house track inspired by the work of Mr Fingers and Dj sprinkles using 6 Juno-6V instances and external drums sequences.

Smooth Six (Thomas Koot)

This track starts off as a smooth R&B tune, featuring a classic Juno synth brass. Using Jun6-Vs modulation capabilities, the track builds to a future-bass style drop that puts the vintage-sounding ‘Resorgan’ preset in a modern context. Twenty-seven instances of Jun6-V were used in the production of this track.

Summer 83 (Solidtrax)

This one is a bit complicated, because we really don't know in what category this fits the best. I think it borrows something from Down Tempo (Chill-Out) and Electronic genres (Chillwave) and perhaps even some Ambient (New Age). We used number of 13 Jun-6V instances for this track. Everything is made with Jun-6, this includes drums.