Jun-6 V

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Afterglow Pad

Lily Jordy

This pad sounds so unbelievably huge, like there’s some stereo enhancing plugin added to it - except it’s all Juno, with delay and reverb being modulated by LFO2 and ENV2! I love the mod wheel’s effects: it thickens the sound into a wild, windy soundscape using only the resonance. Very effective for setting a sci-fi or mystical ambience.

Lily Jordy - on Jun-6 V

About Lily ↓

I was immediately charmed by Jun-6 V's powerful simplicity. Before I started making presets on Arturia's recreation, I was already a big fan of the classic Juno sound - so I may be a little biased! But I can safely say that this synth has so much hidden potential and astonishing modulation capabilities, in proportion to its user-friendly minimalistic design. It's no wonder that it's a favorite of so many artists, as it takes very little time to get accustomed to it and start making excellent patches.

Around the Orbit


We really believe this preset is a showcase of how awesome Jun-6 V can sound when you crank up the filter resonance, to our ears it sounds really like an analog synth in every way possible.

Solidtrax - on Jun-6 V

About Solidtrax ↓

The Arturia Jun-6 V synthesizer is like a time machine, it brings us back to those days that we played with the real hardware synthesizer for the first time. The original synth is pretty simple in design, but it become famous for a good reason, it simply sounds fantastic! Arturia captured that brilliantly, and even added some modern features to make it more awesome!


Thomas Koot

The Resorgan is a pretty simple patch, but the sound has such a distinct musical character. It can feature in anything from a cheesy ‘80s tune to a modern future bass production. Listen to the sound demo or the demo-track for examples of both. With this preset, and most of the other ones, I already knew what kind of sound I wanted when I started tweaking the synth. On a lot of synthesizers, when you try to make a sound that’s in your head, it never works on the first try. When I tried sounds on the Jun-6 V, they immediately sounded ‘right’. For me, that is the unique quality of classic synthesizers and drum machines.

Thomas Koot - on Jun-6 V

About Thomas ↓

The Jun-6 V does an incredible job of recreating the silky smooth synth brass sounds of the classic Roland synthesizers. I’ve never heard something like it coming out of a computer. I really hope that users like the presets on the Jun-6 V, but I encourage everyone to try making their own on this one. It’s simplicity makes it such a joy to use. Just like the original, it responds like a real musical instrument!

Sweet Water

Jean-Michel Blanchet

This preset uses some of the best features of the Jun-6 V: the inverted envelope modulates the filter cutoff, the second envelope is used to modulate volume, and LFO2 is used to modulate the size of the reverb to provide deep space sound. This preset represents, to me, all the subtleties and beauty of the classic Juno resonant filter!

Jean-Michel Blanchet - on Jun-6 V

About Jean-Michel ↓

It allowed me to build a strong experience in sound design on all kinds of instruments and devices,both hardware and virtual - which led me to be part of the Arturia Sound Design team since 1999.

Having used the Juno 106 and 6 a lot, I was very pleasantly surprised to find the very characteristic colors of these mythical machines! The resonant filter and the warmth of the chorus modes are particularly convincing. Likewise, the simplicity of the plugin is equal to that which made the fame of the original Juno series, which allows any musician who wishes to create their own sounds very easily and quickly achieve the result they want.

Sonar Traffic - on Jun-6 V

About Sonar ↓

Although I personally don’t own a Juno 60, I do have a 106 and an MKS 50. In the end they are all Juno. And I’ve worked on plenty Juno 60’s back in the day. Arturia managed to capture the spirit of the machine and especially the beautiful lush chorus effect that defines the synth. The fact that we now have an extra LFO and Envelope (Pitch envelopes!, Random Modulation!) adds a lot to the fun, as do the delay and reverb. Opening up the JUN-6V for the first time felt like coming home, the beauty of all Junos is that they are all sweet spot. It’s extremely difficult to make a bad sound on them and that translates in this plug-in very well. I really wanted to do some bread and butter, useful, character sounds and I did, but taking advantage of the Random modulation in the extra LFO is where the icing on the cake was for me.

Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow is at it’s heart a classic Juno string sound, PWM Pulse and Sawtooth through an open filter and a slow VCA envelope. Fast random modulation of the VCA and DCO Noise level give it a glitchy character. I was going for a strange cinematic quality and being able to add delay and reverb to the sound was just what the doctor ordered there. By the way, for added dramatic development you can close the filter with the mod wheel.

Plucky Rain

Simon Gallifet

I started out with the idea of recreating a sound similar to Max Cooper’s ‘Order From Chaos’ - this preset puts into perspective the possibility of creating random sequences by connecting the LFO random to the arpeggiator’s rate..

Simon Gallifet - on Jun-6 V

About Simon ↓

A legendary synth - very simple, which sounds incredible, without frills. I highly recommend it for beginners because it is extremely easy to use. The sound of these two easily recognizable chorus modes (I and II) is almost a part of electronic music history. These choruses remind me of so many iconic sounds, especially house music like Mr Fingers’ ‘Can You Feel It’.