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Presets for Origin Keyboard

In this area, you can obtain preset banks to be used with your Arturia product. These presets have been made by talented sound designers and musicians. With their help, you are now ready to improve your knowledge and use of the instrument.

You can find more information on how to install these presets on the FAQ

In case of trouble while installing a preset bank, please refer to our technical support.

Name Sound Designer Number of preset Sound Examples Download
  New  Depeche Mode Synth Heroes 25
  New  Private Collection Paul Schilling 25
  Emerson Lake and Palmer Synth Heroes 15
  Genesis Synth Heroes 20
  Giorgio Moroder Synth Heroes 26
  Isao Tomita Synth Heroes 28
  Joe Zawinul Synth Heroes 17
  KLamb Kevin Lamb 25
  KrafWerk Synth Heroes 15
  Lady Gaga Synth Heroes 15
  New Voices Kevin Lamb 16
  Origin Preset by Drew Neumann Drew Neumann 20
  Origin Preset by Drew Neumann Drew Neumann 20
  Origin Preset by Glen Darcey Glen Darcey 20
  Origin Preset by Jean-Michel Blanchet Jean-Michel Blanchet 30
  Origin Preset by Richard Courtel Richard Courtel 30
  Pads And Leads Richard Courtel 50
  Pink Floyd Synth Heroes 16
  Tangerine Dream Synth Heroes 20
  Tasmodia Tasmodia 23
  Ubukata Collection Noritaka Ubukata 20
  Vangelis Synth Heroes 26