A little bit
of history...

This 3-1/2 octave keyboard is probably the most iconic and trend-setting synthesizer ever. Created by Bob Mg and Bill Hemsath in 1970, it was designed to be a smaller and more portable synthesizer than the cumbersome modular systems of the time. It soon became the synthesizer staple of most bands in the ‘70s and is the template that most synthesizer companies have copied and referenced ever since.

The original instrument was made famous by artists and bands such as Stevie Wonder, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, Devo, Jean-Michel Jarre and more. Its signature bass and leads sounds are still the foundation of many tracks you hear today.

In 2004 Arturia, working in partnership with Dr. Bob Mg himself, released our first software emulation of this inspiring synthesizer.

While other companies have attempted to make plug-ins patterned after this legendary synth, it was Arturia who nailed the sound via our TAE® analog modeling technology and got Dr. Bob’s personal stamp of approval.

This product has won multiple awards for its sound and innovation over the years. The name was changed in 2012 but the product lives on as our mini V software.

A Classic

iMini now brings this iconic instrument to the iPad® user with a new level of quality never before heard in the iOS platform.

iMini is not based on static samples or the simple algorithms that others use to simulate analog sounds. Instead, built upon our award-winning TAE® analog modeling technology, the exact same technology that produces stunningly realistic sound for all Arturia software products. The result is a more true-to-life and musical experience.

iMini provides the familiar interface of its classic namesake, but we didn’t stop there. We added the unique flavor that people have come to expect from Arturia. A viewable keyboard control panel allows you to set octaves, scales, envelope modes and other parameters.

The Performance mode gives you access to a multifunction arpeggiator and two assignable XY pads that provide real-time control over your sound.

The Effects mode offers a very flexible, high-quality chorus and analog delay.

Think and Work
Outside the Box

iMini comes with over 500 sounds, created by some of the world’s best sound designers; sounds that are directly imported from our mini V software.

iMini includes Audiobus technology which allows iMini to be integrate to any other Audiobus-equipped app. You can control iMini from other apps or send the output to apps like Garageband, Beatmaker and Cubasis for external recording.

It offers full MIDI mapping of the main panel controls, and supports WIST sync with other iOS devices.

iMini also works within Retronyms’ amazing Tabletop™ application which allows you to integrate iMini within a studio of drum machines, sequencers, mixers and effects. The Tabletop™ environment allows you to compose and automate a complete song. Once you are finished, you can then export your tracks directly to SoundCloud, render to .wav files or use Audiocopy to paste your audio into another iPad® application.

iMini supports CoreMIDI so that you can control it via standard MIDI controllers. Using the Apple camera connection kit, you can use it with our KeyLab series of controllers or our MiniLab keyboard controller.

A Complete

Main mode

The main mode is the screen that any connoisseur of synthesizers will recognize instantly; it is the classic front panel of the Model D.

It includes the 3 oscillators, mixer, noise generator, simulated headphone jack feedback on the external input, a recreation of the classic ladder filter as well as the ADS envelopes. We have added our own touches and included the level controls for the chorus and delay as well as a poly switch to allow for polyphonic performance.

Pressing the gear icon on the panel above the keyboard will reveal controls for glide, decay/release and legato triggering, as well as controls for the keyboard.

The keyboard can be scaled using the Zoom control or scrolled up and down using the Scroll control. The Scale function allows you to change the keyboard into a preset scale from a list of 26 different scales and modes.

You can load any of the hundreds of sounds available by simply pressing Load and choosing the sound designer or category that you prefer.

Performance page

The Performance page gives you access to the arpeggiator and 2 assignable XY pads. By using the XY pads and the arpeggiator Latch modes you can create all kinds of patterns and morphing sounds.

Effect page

iMini comes with the same wide-ranging chorus and accurate analog delay models that come in the mini V software. The Chorus allows for subtle thickening sounds to wildly modulated effects. The stereo analog delay can sync to external tempo via WIST or within the Tabletop™ environment.

TABLETOP™ Overview

iMini is Tabletop-ready. Tabletop™ is a free app for your iPad® that allows you integrate iMini into a complete studio environment. In Tabletop™ you can use multiple instances of iMini; record your performance into a real-time sequencer; automate any of the parameters; add effects; run sounds through the iMini filters, etc. Tabletop™ also features number of in-app purchase options to add more effects and instruments from other 3rd-party companies. Together iMini and Tabletop™ make for a powerful electronic music studio that you can take anywhere.

Connect page

iMini will work with CoreMIDI interfaces and CoreMIDI devices via the camera connection kit or Wi-Fi. Arturia's KeyLab 25 and MiniLab keyboards make perfect companion controllers for iMini.

Using Audiobus (app sold separately) you can interface iMini with a number of other iOS apps. You can use other virtual MIDI controllers to send note information to iMini or record the output into your favorite DAW, such as Garageband or Cubasis.

iMini is Tabletop-ready. The connect page is also your avenue to open up a whole new world of possibilities with iMini via Retronyms’ free Tabletop™ application.

iMini can also import and export presets to be used with our mini V software on the Mac or PC. This unique ability allows you the freedom to work how you want, anywhere you want.

All the knobs and switches in each page can be assigned to the MIDI CC of your choice, which allows iMini to be automated by any external MIDI source. For owners of our MiniLab or any of our KeyLab series controllers, the default MIDI map works perfectly with iMini as soon as the two are connected.

.minibank Presets

You can also import your own .minibank presets via iTunes file sharing. To use iTunes file sharing:

  • Connect your iPad to your computer and open iTunes.
  • Select your iPad under the DEVICES header in the left navigation column.
  • Click on the “Apps” tab above the main window.
  • Scroll down to the “File Sharing” section.
  • Select iMini from the list of Apps.
  • Under “iMini Documents” click the “Add” button; this opens a dialog box to select the location of the presets on your computer.


Subtractive Synthesis

The iMini generates its sounds using complex analog modeling algorithms. Many synthesizers on the iOS platform use a simple form of audio sample playback to generate their sounds. What does this mean to you? It means the software behind iMini is designed to have the realism and warmth that a true analog synthesizer has.


The oscillator is the tone-generating heart of an analog synthesizer. This is where you can choose the basic tonality of your sound using the different waveforms and choose the root pitch using the octave switches, and then adjust the pitch with the coarse and fine-tuning controls.


The filter is the tone-shaping core of any analog synth. Our accurate modeling of the 24dB per octave, ladder-style filter is what allows iMini to recapture that warm, classic sound. It has switches for keyboard and the Mod wheel routing as well as its own envelope and contour amount controls.



The original synth was known for its classic bass sounds. It defined the sound of ‘70s disco, ‘80s New Wave as well as dance music in the ‘90s and beyond.


iMini recreates great classic rock lead sounds or can be used as melodic lines in modern dance music.


With its modulation capabilities, wide-ranging effects and simulated headphone feedback (external input switch set half-way), the iMini is a sound effects monster.


Create Berlin school, classic synthpop, and modern dance anthems using the arpeggiator.


Synth brass sounds will allow for regal ‘80s power ballad sounds or as modern melodic and pad textures.


Lush, evolving, textural, and ambient: the iMini is able to create pads that its namesake never could, thanks to its polyphony.

Live & FXs


The effects section is designed to allow subtle or drastic changes to your sound. The chorus can generate light doubling effects, watery depth or wild pitch-warping noises. The stereo delay adds ambience and depth to your sound. The separate controls for left and right as well as the beat sync switch will give you a wide sonic palette to use to enhance your sounds.


The Performance page gives you access to the full-featured arpeggiator and the user-assignable XY pads. The arpeggiator offers 5 modes of operation, with repeat, octave range and 2 latching modes as well as BPM sync options. The 2 XY pads will allow you to assign the controls to any of the iMini front panel parameters, providing a wealth of options for control and sound modification.

Keyboard controls

The iMini app allows you change multiple aspects of the keyboard which simplifies using it in a live situation. Pressing the gear icon next to the iMini logo will reveal the keyboard controls, which gives you access to multiple functions. From here you can choose the octave range of the keyboard, the scale and the key settings, which makes playing iMini a breeze. You can then zoom the keys to better fit your hand.

500 presets

Sound designers

The sound design team for iMini is world-class, and includes Geoff Downes, Klaus Schulze, Scott Solida, Nori Ubukata, Ted Perlman, Mike Hosker, Glen Darcey, Jean-Michel Blanchet, and many more.


iMini was created using Arturia's "True Analog Emulation" or TAE®. It accurately reproduces the tones, harmonics, waveshape, tuning and filter response of analog circuitry. This gives iMini the same renowned sound quality that professional musicians have come to rely on from all Arturia software products.

& share

Use via MIDI

iMini fully supports Apple CoreMIDI. This allows you to control iMini from your computer via Wi-Fi, via any of the 3rd party CoreMIDI interfaces, or directly using the camera connection kit and a keyboard that is iPad-compliant. We also support the WIST sync function that allows you to sync the arpeggiator and delay to others using iPhone® or iPad® apps that support WIST.

Use in Tabletop

Tabletop is a free app from Retronyms that allows you to use iMini within a virtual electronic music studio full of effects, sequencers, recorders, drum machines and other synthesizers. Having iMini inside Tabletop opens a vast new potential for song creation all within the iPad.

Export to SoundCloud from TableTop™

Once you have your song produced in Tabletop™, you can then export the song as a .wav file for use in other DAWs. You can also choose to use the SoundCloud seeder and upload your finished production to your SoundCloud account. Another option is to use AudioCopy to make the sound files available within other iPad applications.