Using the MIDI Control Center

The MIDI Control Center lets you update your controllers to the latest firmware, ensuring seamless integration with your software range. It also allows you to customize controls and adjust MIDI settings.

The MIDI Control Center

The MIDI Control Center (MCC) has been specially designed to manage different aspects of your controller, such as device settings, firmware updates, device memories, local templates and the MIDI console.

Arturia’s controllers come with a range of features to support your workflow and creative expression. This involves both compatibility features for reliable integration with all your software, as well as providing unique customisation options so you can have full control of your controller’s parameter mapping.

That’s where the MIDI Control Center comes in, by helping you keep everything up-to-date and letting you take full command of the configuration of your hardware with a range of utilities.

Any questions?

Whatever you need, we are here to help. Check out our comprehensive FAQ on the MCC and instrument installation here.

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