Brighton Modular Meet Brighton
Brighton Modular Meet

July 19-21st
A celebration of synths! MicroFreak will make an appearance, as will the rest of the analog Brute family. Learn how all these synths connect with each other and how to create some truly unique sounds.

Rusted Keys & Plutonic Fields
Rusted Keys & Plutonic Fields

Thanks to the power of Pigments’ wavetable hybrid synthesis, you can hear a totally fresh take on classic keyboard sounds with a gritty, relic feel. These two banks adds up to 128 imaginary instruments and audio curios guaranteed to inspire your creativity.

Analog Lab 4
Get inspired, Create, perform

Analog Lab is the ultimate “all-in-one” software instrument, combining the best keyboard and synth sounds of all time in one place, with thousands of presets, inspiring functionality, and a dedicated live mode. See it, hear it, want it.