Picnic Afisha Saint Petersburg
Picnic Afisha

03 August 2019
Afishi Picnic is the main music festival in Moscow and an ideal miniature city.

Hideya Kojima (ORESAMA)
Making dance hits with V Collection

Hideya Kojima is a popular Japanese artist and producer whose music foundations are deeply rooted in funk and disco music. Discover how #VCollection allowed him to use iconic instruments he was dreaming to play with, and how he uses it in his creative process.

New Pigments Preset Packs
New Pigments Preset Packs

Tactile Strike: give your music a little more “dong” and “clang” with 64 contemporary, dynamic, and exciting mallet and bell sounds.

Synth Voices: a collection of 64 bizarre but super-usable “computer voice” choirs, pads, basses, leads, ands sequences.