But where could we go next?

There’s no doubting the legacy and lasting impression the original MiniBrute left on the industry.

The MiniBrute was a statement. An organic, tangible breath of fresh air, a proud analog monument among the slew of sound-a-like synths that had flooded the market. Arturia’s ethos has always been to create exciting, meaningful instruments; instruments that traditional synth companies simply wouldn’t release. If we were going to recreate a legend, the 2nd generation of MiniBrute needed to be raw, exciting, and more than a little bit scary.

Born out of necessity, MiniBrute 2 was designed to bridge the gap between the more traditional synth world and the ever-evolving modular scene. Creating a sort of ‘creative glue’ that would fuse these two creative processes together, making something new and exciting.

Once again, MiniBrute is the catalyst for change.

Piece By Piece

Deceptively simple, but loaded with advanced synthesis power, MiniBrute 2’s signal path and sound control abilities are set to become the stuff of legend.

To synth-heads, sound creators, and musical visionaries, a synthesizer’s architecture can sometimes be as exciting as the sound of the instrument itself. Thanks to the semi-modular nature of the MiniBrute 2, there’s even more to sate your technical appetite. You didn’t choose the ‘details’ page by accident, you’re here for all of the gory details. Here, we lay it all bare.

Meet the Oscillators

It all starts from somewhere, and the Oscillator & OSC Mixer panel on MiniBrute 2 let you create the foundations of your sound.

Since the original MiniBrute, one of the core ‘Brute’ features has been the ability mix and shape multiple waveforms to create a huge variety of sonic results. With MiniBrute 2, now you can even mix in a second VCO as well as an external sound source. This core building block is one of this synth’s most defining features, and the ability to tweak and personalize them makes MiniBrute 2 one of the most capable, versatile synthesizers around. Each standard waveform can even be augmented with a dedicated “sound shaper” parameter, taking basic, age-old synth sounds to the next level.

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Filter Freak

If the oscillators are a synth’s vocal chords, think of the filter as its mouth. MiniBrute 2 features a powerful 2-pole, 12dB Steiner-Parker filter, renowned for its acidic tone, and capable of wild auto-oscillation.

The filter can be set as part of a patch. You can cut out the low end for a bright lead or pad, mute the highs to make a bass sit nicely in the mix, or notch out mids to leave space for other melodic elements. The filter can also be dynamically tweaked and modulated, giving you a huge scope for animated, expressive sound creation.

The LFO Lowdown

No synth would be complete without an LFO, and MiniBrute 2 doesn’t disappoint, it has two of them!

Featuring 6 selectable waveforms with rate control, and the ability to sync with its clock to add a rhythmic feel, or run free they are the ideal supplier of periodic modulations. No matter what role you assign them, they will always give you usable results.

Push the envelope

MiniBrute 2 includes not one, but two types of envelopes set to generate a modulating signal that is initiated when receiving a trigger signal, such as the gate related to a new note.

Indeed, aside from the common ADSR envelope, it also features an atypical multi-mode, AD envelope. They can be used to reproduce traditional instruments’ behaviors and in particular the natural evolution of the amplitude and timbre of the sound all along the lifespan of a played note.

They can also be used to create sonic structures that only synthesis is capable of: everything from short, snappy hits to slow motion, endless waves or even frenetically-repeated jerky sound.

Express yourself

It almost goes without saying, but no matter how complex or full-featured a synthesizer is, inspiration often comes with a few simple notes.

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Patch It Up

One of the most uniquely thrilling aspects of MiniBrute 2 is its impressively comprehensive CV/Gate patch matrix.

Even if the only things you connect to MiniBrute 2 are the power adapter and headphones, you’ll still be able to create out-of-this-world sounds. Every component and feature has its own dedicated assignation, set by the exceptional synth minds at Arturia. If you want to break the mold and go off the beaten track, you can start patching and creating exciting, and often surprising connections.

Your first option consists in overriding the default, internal assignments by connecting a patch cable from one of the white-highlighted sources to any destination you choose. Let’s say you want something else to control the Metalizer amount other than velocity, LFO 1 for example. Just connect the related CV connections and you’re done.

Is there anything easier? Probably not, so go ahead, experiment, and find all those new connections that send shivers down your spine. There are practically limitless combinations and exciting sounds to discover, and that’s even before we start to involve external modular equipment.

Fully compatible with all Eurorack modules and CV/Gate-enabled audio gear, you can simultaneously bring in signals to alter the sound of MiniBrute 2, and affect other modules using MiniBrute 2’s sources.

This synth has been designed from the ground up to become your hub of creative experimentation.

Whet your sonic appetite

We invite you to a feast, but this time, you will be both the chef and the diner.

MiniBrute 2 gives you the freshest ingredients and the finest kitchenware to craft a practically unlimited number of delicious audio recipes. Get ready to enjoy new tastes, new textures, and new experiences. Even the most skilled cooks will be astounded and surprised by the sheer number of options available. If you're only just setting out on your musical gastronomy adventure, we've provided a MiniBrute 2 preset "Cook Book" to give you some inspiration in the sonic kitchen, with no less than 40 unique recipes from in-house audio chefs!

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The Sound follows You

The MiniBrute 2 has sound and build quality that ensures it will stay with you on every creative journey, project after project, gig after gig.

By industry standards, Arturia is still considered to be ‘young’; a vibrant upstart, a passionate go-getter. As we progress and mature, so do our instruments. MiniBrute 2 has been created with great care and attention, and is made to last, with a quality feel to match its sound. Another level in terms of build quality and reliability.

The synth also incorporates the new Arturia Link system, letting you connect to an Arturia RackBrute. This adds 3U or 6U of powered Eurorack space for your modular equipment in a secure, stable housing.

Not only can the system be configured in multiple positions, it can also be folded up and carried safely and securely. For extra protection, the RackBrute Travel Bag adds precious piece of mind when you need to safely transport your precious synth and modules.

Should you wish to hook this synth up to your DAW or other MIDI-enabled equipment, MiniBrute 2 features both dedicated MIDI In and Out connections, as well as MIDI via USB. However you like to connect, Arturia has made it possible.

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