MiniBrute 2S Tutorials

Ep. 1: The Voice

Learning its sound

Learn how to use this groundbreaking new synth range with a new tutorial video series. In the first episode, Arturia's lead product manager and key MiniBrute 2 designer Seb Rochard explains and demonstrates the powerful analog synth engine found in MiniBrute 2 and MiniBrute 2S.

Ep. 2: The PatchBay

Making connections

In the 2nd episode of our MiniBrute 2 tutorial series, our resident product mastermind Sébastien Rochard covers the “ins and outs” of the patch bay. Not only does he demonstrate how the different patch points work, and how they interact, he also gives you a few solid-gold creative examples that give you an idea of the unique tone-shaping this synth is capable of.

Ep. 3: The Keyboard Version

Keeping with tradition

In this video, Sebastien Rochard goes over the full functionality of the MiniBrute 2 keyboard version, including aftertouch, arpeggiator, and sequencer. If you’ve been wondering how it works, now’s the perfect time.

Ep. 4: Features of the 2S

Breaking new ground

The MiniBrute 2S doesn’t just swap out the 2 octave keyboard for pads, it offers so much more! In this video, Seb shows you how the pads can be used to their full potential, and goes into detail on the expanded sequencer in clear, easy steps.

Ep. 5: Advanced Sequence Editing

Go deeper

MiniBrute 2S is a synth like no other, packed with analog tone-shaping abilities and a semi-modular architecture, it also features a deeply powerful step sequencer which hugely expands its potential. In this episode, Seb Rochard gives you a few tips and tricks on how to make the most out of it.


  • Arturia announces MiniBrute 2S


MiniBrute 2S

MiniBrute 2S



MiniBrute 2S Firmware

Feb 21, 2018

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MiniBrute 2S JP Manual

Jun 7, 2018

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MiniBrute 2S DE Manual

Jun 7, 2018

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MiniBrute 2S ES Manual

Jun 7, 2018

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MiniBrute 2S FR Manual

Jun 7, 2018

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MiniBrute 2S EN Manual

Jun 7, 2018

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Preset Sheets


Minibrute 2s Cook Book

Apr 4, 2018

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