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“The MiniBrute 2S offers lots of possibilities, with the patchbay , all the sequencing options, and all the added features from the Minibrute.”

Review from Musicradar


“On the whole, the MiniBrute 2S is a real success. It takes everything we liked about the original - the analogue grit, interesting oscillator shaping, Brute factor - and expands on it considerably. The addition of the patchbay really does massively expand the flexibility and potential.”

“The MiniBrute 2S is an impressive analogue synth and a real step up from its predecessor. The patchbay adds flexibility and character that make this a very serious competitor in the now crowded analogue monosynth market.”

Sound on Sound

“The MiniBrute 2 Series are powerful new synthesizers. "If you’re interested in a compact system that combines flexible synthesis, sequencing and Eurorack capabilities, the new range has to be high on your list of candidates."

Future Music

“On the whole, both versions of the MiniBrute 2 are a real success. They take everything we liked about the original – the analogue grit, interesting oscillator shaping, Brute factor – and expand on it considerably. The addition of the patchbay really does massively expand the fl exibility and potential. Where the original was a great tool for gritty leads and basses, this follow-up is equally well-equipped for evolving drones, inharmonic FM sounds and out-there SFX.”

“An expanded synth engine, semi-modular architecture and flexible control options make this a seriously competitive monosynth”


“Fine synths, nice and flexible, good sounding, very well priced, very cool patchbay.”

Sonic State

“I can get lost in it for ages! I have got to say Arturia have scored a bit of a hit again because what they've actually done is creating another instrument that has a lot of different flavours. It can do that aggressive Brute sound but it can do a lot more mellower stuff. The oscillators are really thunderous. I am actually quite impressed with the MiniBrute 2. You can have that sort of creative synthesis meandering and particularly with the patch bay that really make a big difference. I think it is a great job. They have obviously put a lot of extra thought into it and those tweaks to the filters, the tweaks to the VCA levels, gain staging and the Brute factor opens up a lot more possibilities. There's a lot of weight to it. It can really thunder or it can do lots of other things depending on how you've got the filter setting. ”


“The 48 patchbay, whether you care about modular or not, opens up a world of synthesis options”


“MiniBrute 2 is not an entry level synthesizer, but a fully advanced analog machine. Its big mod matrix opens up new sonic horizons. It doesn’t sound like any other instruments and it has a very specific and recognizable musical character which is a great asset. The synth itself can easily be a first step into building your very own analog modular system. MiniBrute 2S sounds great, it is a very functional and solid instrument. Reshaped Brute Factor lets you regulate and add the amount of new harmonics to the current sound in a very fluid way which can make the final outcome more fat, warm or aggressive. Thanks to its advanced mod matrix and fully featured sequencer, the instrument can take you in a real modular synthesis journey and be a foundation of a bigger setup. The bass parts that I programmed while testing it sounded very good in the mix without any additional processing! Despite having the same synth engine - MiniBrute 2 and 2S are two different instruments. The keyboard version is more of a classic mono synth, which thanks to the patchbay let’s you visit the deepest areas of the ocean of synthesis. The desktop version is instead a real monster for the fans of heavy sequencing. Its sequencer can expand the paraphonic aspects of the machine in a quite big way, while its functionality and sound tops most of the current analog bass synthesizers out there."

Audio Edit

“ Integrating a 64-step sequencer with such a powerful analog synthesizer and the fact that the patch bay can comunicate with the MIDI parameter of the sequencer, is a real advantage not only for performers but also for music producers”


“This is probably the most fully featured semi-modular synth on the market. It is a synth capable of pulling off complex synthesis with a good sequencer. This thing is extremely well built. No wobbly knobs, no loose sliders. It is solid, and kind of heavy.”


Rate By Bonedo


“The new Arturia MiniBrute 2 Synthesizer is a consequent further development of its predecessor. The semi-modular engine, new features and better processing have moved the instrument from the entry-level mono-synth segment into a new, affordable midrange synth. The MiniBrute 2 offers a nice insight into both worlds (classic & eurorack), are easy to understand and can be clevery extended modularly”

Andrew Huang

“ I have to say, it's sound amazing! I am having a lot of fun! I find it to be a pretty solid device, you get a great-sounding analog synthesizer, you get a very powerful sequencer and you get this 48 patch points which I barely scratched the surface of what's possible in terms of modulation. There is so much you can do there! This MiniBrute 2S is really a beast!”

Bo Beats

“I do find that Arturia's synth has a ton of versatility when it comes to shaping the sound. It is about finding the sweet spot, finding the right amount of Brute Factor and everything to fatten up the sound. I do think you have to put in a little bit of work but at the same time you have a really nice palette to create some interesting sounds and especially using the patch point on the patch bay. I do think it has a ton of potential.”

Accurate Beats

“The more I explore the MiniBrute 2S, the more excited I get about using it”


“You can do a lot of different things with the oscilattor, this section of the Minibrute is excellent.
The new FM possibilities offer crazy things, from experimental to very noisy stuff. They also add fitness to the sound.
In my opinion, I really love the new character of the VCOs. ”

Inside Synthesis

“What really sets the 2S appart is the patchbay and the multitrack sequencer.”


“The RackBrute case is super attractive, comfortable and smart.”