KeyStep Pro

Polyphonic sequencing controller keyboard.

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KeyStep Pro boasts class-leading connectivity that fits into even the most advanced setups.

From multiple CV outputs to universal sustain pedal input, you can control practically any keyboard, synth module, or music-making software - from vintage analog gear to our award-winning V Collection virtual instruments.

1 Voice 1-4

Using the four sets of CV outputs you can control 4 individual monophonic instruments, or one instruments with up to 4 voices of polyphony, or any combination in between.

2 Drum Gates

Control multiple drum machines or modules with 8 discrete triggers.



3 Clock

The clock output allows you to synchronize your pre-MIDI, DIN sync drum machines, Eurorack modules or other gear.


Send or receive from MIDI-enabled instruments or interface

5 Metronome

Monitor your tempo through headphones, or use the extra output to sync another device.

6 Sustain

Control your keyboard sustain with a dedicated pedal input.It’s a keyboard, after all!


Connect to your computer and control your DAW and software instruments.






Perfect for
live performances

KeyStep Pro will become your go-to choice for performing live. It’s perfectly geared to bringing your ideas to life, reacts quickly to your creativity, and intuitively puts you in control.

Each of the 4 independent tracks can be used either for creating custom sequences or performing arpeggios. To select a track, just hit the dedicated button for whichever one you want. Track 1 can be a melodic sequencer, or a powerful drum sequencer, depending on your setup.

Once you’ve made a few groups of sequences, you can easily save and recall them with 16 different project slots - access them with the “Project” button and the menu knob.

KeyStep Pro also features the same addictive touch-sensitive looper strip as the BeatStep Pro and DrumBrute. Too popular to leave out, this little strip lets you throw in fills and breaks whenever you want, adding an unpredictable edge and live energy to your performances.

and reliable

With KeyStep Pro, everything is just right.

This isn’t just some flimsy MIDI keyboard, we know that KeyStep Pro will become part of your creative identity, so we made sure to make it something special.

The rigid metal baseplate adds that “reliably heavy” feel without making it feel like a burden to carry; the knobs are rubberized and wobble-free, so they don’t slip at a crucial point in your performance; the 37-note slim keyboard has the same satisfying action as the original KeyStep, but with extended range; the OLED displays are crisp, clear, and vibrant, so you can read them under stage lights with no problem.

creative options

However you prefer to write, create, perform, and play, KeyStep Pro gives you all the tools and options you need to do it with style.

Real Time Recording

A great way for keyboard players to perform on the fly. Pressing the “Record” button automatically puts KeyStep Pro in its Real-Time Recording mode. This lets you record a polyphonic sequence as you play, and either non-destructively overdub as you go, or rewrite the sequence as it progresses.


For the traditional step-sequencer fan, manually entering the steps one-by-one, either without the sequence running or while it plays in the background.

Step Editing

Focus on a step, and edit its content. Simple! You can even visualize the notes that are contained in the step on the keys above the LEDs. Select notes that you want to edit, then duplicate them, transpose, modify their length, whatever you like.

Drum sequencer

When switched to the “drum” option, Track 1 becomes a powerful drum sequencer, giving you 16 drum parts to play with. The first 8 have analog Gate outputs so you can bring drum modules to life. Press a key to select a drum part, then edit the sequence on the steps

Polyrhythmic patterns

One of the best loved features on Arturia sequencers and drum machines, KeyStep Pro also includes polyrhythmic sequencing abilities, letting you choose different sequence lengths per drum, and per sequence track.

Chord mode

KeyStep Pro lets you quickly enter a specific chord shape, store it, and play it by holding a single note. Great for beginners and house music producers!

Quick Editing

Nice and easy: simply hold a step and press keys to quickly edit the content of a step.

What’s in the box

Box content

  • KeyStep Pro unit
  • Registration card
  • Quick Start
  • USB cable
  • Power supply

Instrument dimensions

  • size: 23.2 x 8.2 x 1.5 inches (589 x 208 x 38mm)
  • weight: 5.9lbs (2.7kg)

Main Features

37 note slim keys, velocity and aftertouch sensitive

  • LED above each key for efficient visual feedback

Four track step sequencer

  • 16 step buttons, up to 64 steps per sequence
  • Up to 16 notes of polyphony per step

Melodic sequencer

  • Real-Time recording, step recording, step editing
  • Pitch, velocity, gate length, time shift and probability for each note
  • Scale quantization with user scales
  • Polyphonic CV outputs

Drum sequencer

  • 24 part drum sequencer
  • Polyrhythm

Performance-oriented sequencer

  • Forward and two random playing modes
  • Pattern randomization
  • Quantized or unquantized recording
  • Looper


  • 7 arpeggiator modes, 5 octave range

Chord mode

Controller mode

  • Use the 5 encoders to send CCs
  • Automate the CCs

Crisp OLED display

4x (CV, Gate, Mod) outputs + 8 drum gate outputs

1 MIDI in, 2 MIDI out, USB, Clock synchronization

Metronome with included speaker and line output

Sustain pedal input