Update 2.5

More control, greater possibility


This significant update delivers useful new features and long-awaited enhancements, free for existing KeyStep Pro users. Take your sound further, customize key settings and perform with confidence with the following improvements:

Update Firmware

Sending Program Changes

You can now send Program Changes per pattern; Program Change settings can be accessed in Track settings, and KeyStep Pro’s LEDs will change to reflect the Program Change assignments you’ve made.

Transpose Latch

Configure KeyStep Pro’s Transpose button to toggle Transpose Mode on when pressed, so you can keep your hands free while transposing. This setting can be found in the Utility Misc settings.

Quick-access track settings

You can now quickly change track-specific settings like MIDI in/out, Fixed Velocity, and Program Change by pressing Shift & Track number. These settings are still accessible via the Utility menu.

Fixed Velocity

Determine a fixed velocity for pressed keys and triggered notes that can be controlled by the Velocity encoder. This per-track setting can be accessed in Track settings.

How to update your
KeyStep Pro firmware

Updating your firmware is quick and simple.

Download and install the MIDI Control Center and it will guide you through all necessary steps to update your firmware.

If you still need help, you can visit our "Firmware update" FAQ page.

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